Norma Waterson benefit events

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 5 Feb 2011

UPDATE: 09 Feb 2011

Rod and Danny have updated the Musical Traditions website with additional details and, as suggested by a few people both here and on my Waterson Family Facebook page,  have now added a ‘Donate’ button that allows people to donate directly to a PayPal page.

Go to the Musical Traditions Norma Waterson page

To give a single point of reference for the latest information and to ensure more traffic is directed towards the page that allows direct cash donations I’ve decided to omit the tour details from this page and instead urge people to click on the link above and visit the Musical Traditions page instead.

Original post (5 February 2011):

Rod Stradling recently posted this on the Musical Traditions website:

Many readers will be aware that Norma Waterson has been critically ill in hospital for the past three months. Last November, towards the end of the brilliant ‘Gift’ tour, Norma got an infection in her knee. She went to the closest hospital, Warrington, where they prescribed strong antibiotics, to be taken as an in-patient. Two days later she was on dialysis and a ventilator in theIntensive Care Unit. Our dear Norma has been in the ICU for 11 weeks! with Martin by her side, loving her and making sure she is getting all the necessary attention.

She has at last been moved to an ordinary ward, but the journey back to normality will be a long climb; of course if she could climb there’d be no problem, but after 12 weeks in bed there’s not much of her body that has any muscle power at all. And having had a tracheotomy in her throat for most of that time, she’s not even talking or eating normally yet.

As well as an appalling physical and emotional situation for the family, there is the little matter of finance when the breadwinners are unable to work (Martin has only been able to do 3 or 4 gigs in all that time!). Some of their friends in music – being able now to think about the future rather than just the present – have realised what an awful extra burden this has/will consitute, and are organising benefit events. Keep your eyes and your purses open, and please consider the possiblities for your club or organisation. We will try to liaise with all such organisers, and with Alan Bearman, their Agent, to see that things go smoothly, and don’t clash with each other. If you do consider organising some kind of benefit event, please let us know.

Rod and Danny Stradling – 3.2.11 or

fRoots editor Ian Anderson adds: For any people thinking of organising events, Rod & Danny – or Alan Bearman – should be your first point of co-ordinating contact and to make sure the proceeds are channeled to the right bank account.

For my part, I’m more than happy to do what I can to publicise any events through this site or via Twitter and Facebook so please leave a message here or email me using the ‘get in touch’ button on the right if you’re making plans.

All the best

7 Responses to Norma Waterson benefit events

  1. Lauren says:

    Maybe a paypal site so that we could donate individually? Or some other “Donate” type of thing that would allow us to give a little here and there.

  2. Phil Widdows says:

    All the very best to Norma – get well soon! And I hope the family keeps strong during what’s a very difficult time for them all. Keep singing and grinning!

    As for fundraising, a Just Giving ( account would probably be the way to go.

  3. Martin says:

    A PAyPal/ Donate site is a great idea. I am more than happy to help a family which has given me so much pleasure for so many years. If Martin and Norma are reluctant to accept “charity” then which CD/ item, from which supplier, is best to buy to ensure maximum return for the family?

  4. shazzamite says:

    Tell Martin and Norma it’s not charity. It’s advance ticket sales on future concerts, whenever and wherever they may be. At this point I’d pay anything just to get Norma back on her feet again.

  5. Dianne Berg says:

    Sending all good thoughts and wishes for Norma’s recovery. I agree with others who have suggested the establishment of a fund to which well-wishers could contribute; maybe linked through various sites and forums where friends and admirers would see it. When I think of all the times and ways this family’s music has helped me in my own life, it would mean a great deal to me to be able to give something back.

  6. Henry Allen says:

    Wishing you all the best in this difficult time. Thank you all for the wonderful music over the years.Hope to see,and hear, you before long.

  7. Amanda MacLean says:

    The Musicians’ Benevolent Fund may be able to help out with cash and/or other kinds of support:

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