Carthy/Waterson family links

Official and unofficial sites where content is mostly devoted to the Waterson family.


  • The official family site hasn’t been updated since 2009.

Mainly Norfolk

  • Reinhard Zierke took over Garry Gillard’s excellent Watersons site a few years ago. Features extensive discographies, biographies and song lyrics and lots more for Martin, Eliza and the Watersons.

BBC Music

  • BBC Radio’s Carthy pages include a biography and discography.

Carthy Chronicles

  • Details of Free Reed’s 4-cd box set including ordering info and full track listing.

Four Music

  • BBC4’s Carthy documentary

South Riding Folk Network

  • Details of Martin’s Honorary Doctorate ceremony at the University of Sheffield

An Australian Waterson:Carthy page

  • With links to this Eliza page


Concert and CD reviews.

Ballad Tree

  • Carthy Chronicles review

Living Tradition

  • Alan Murray’s interview with Martin

Guardian Unlimited

  • Review of 2002 London Martin Carthy Union Chapel gig (also available here)

Green Man

  • Review of A Dark Light

The Lowry

  • Waterson:Carthy live review, Salford 2003

Broken Ground

  • Review

Broken Ground

  • Another review

  • Martin live review, Leeds 2003

Fatea Records

  • Norma Interview and some photos

The Shed

  • Waterson:Carthy. Live in Yorkshire, 2000

Going and Staying / Anglicana

  • Brass Monkey and Eliza  reviews

Dirty Linen

  • Waterson:Carthy . Live in USA, 2002

Rolling Stone

  • Eliza article

  • Review of Wood, Wilson, Carthy live date,  Basingstoke, UK, January 2001. in  English or German

  • German review of Carthy Chronicles

Related Artists, etc…

Friends and colleagues with whom Martin Carthy has collaborated

Reinhard Zierke’s Mainly Norfolk

  • Steeleye Span, Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas, The Watersons,Martin Carthy,Eliza Carthy, Ashley Hutchings, Joseph Taylor,The Kipper Family

Dave Swarbrick

  • Swarb’s official website

Folk Icons Menu Page

Selected English folk singers

John Kirkpatrick

Coope Boyes and Simpson

Leon Rosselson official website

Gabriel Yacoub

  • 60th Birthday concert guest (also in the original French)

English Acoustic Collective

  • Chris Wood

Peggy Seeger official website

Martin Simpson

  • Also see here for soundfiles (some featuring MC)

The Guvnor

  • Ashley Hutchings website

Mrs Ackroyd Enterprises

  • Les Barker

Wheels Within Wheels

  • Rory Gallagher tribute album featuring MC. Also see here


  • The Free Reeds box set


  • Good post-obit Swarb interview

Steeleye Backs Britain

  • Short 1977 article from great Steeleye fan site

Another great Unofficial Steeleye Span page

Chris Parkinson

Another Chris Parkinson site

Jody Stecher review

Nic Jones

  • Official website

  • Yet more Steeleye Span

Songs & Tunes

Words, music and research materials for some of the songs Martin Carthy has sung, and for English folk music and songs in general

The Child Ballads Project

The Covers Project

Bob Dylan’s Musical Roots

  • Carthy discusses Dylan and Lord Franklin

More about Lord Franklin

Scarborough Fair

  • BBC Radio 2’s Sold On Song takes an in-depth look at Carthy’s classic 60s arrangement and some other versions. Vote for your favourite.

Brass Band Music

Famous Flower of Serving Men

  • If you thought size didn’t matter, prepare to be proved wrong with the full transcription of Carthy’s 32-verse epic; choose from the “Shearwater” or “Kershaw Sessions” versions

Index of Martin Carthy’s Songs and Tunes

  • From Reinhard Zierke’s Martin Carthy site

Photo Archives

Amateur and professional photographers display their work

  • Photo gallery section of the official family website


  • ‘Carthy’ search results

Collections Picture Library


Philm Freax Digital Archive

  • A couple of early-70s B/Ws of MC, plus links to a more extensive photo-archive.

Chris Mitchell

  • Some excellent photos of Martin live in October 2004

Eliza in Vancouver

  • A couple of nice pictures

Buying & Selling

Where to obtain (or offload) new or second-hand Carthy-related items online.

Topic Records

  • The official Topic site includes all current Topic artists and full label catalogue. or

  • Go direct to the Carthy items. or

  • Amazon’s Martin Carthy search result pages

British Fingerstyle Guitar:

  • Despite an unusually poor quality audio-track (on VHS copies at least) Martin’s video guitar tutor is still mostly excellent. Now on DVD – buy it here.

The Art of Fingerstyle Guitar

  • DVD compilation of guitar lessons featuring excerpts from the above.

Martin Guitars

  • You’ve bought the video tutor; now buy yourself a genuine Martin Carthy signature edition Martin guitar from the Martin & Co website. Full model specifications and detailed photos are here.


  • Buy Carthy Chronicles and other Folk / Roots titles from this US-based “unique, small retailer of music from around the world.”

Miscellaneous & Author’s Favourites

Some odds and ends plus my own non-Carthy related favourites.


Bootleg list

Bernard Bromarty

  • Some interesting pics of singers/morris dancers etc from North West England

Sing Out

  • US folk music magazine still going strong


  • The major UK folk, roots and world music magazine

Author’s Favourites

Allan Wilkinson’s “Northern Sky” website

Rory McLeod

Hazel Dickens

Billy Bragg

Tom Waits


Stiff Little Fingers

Rocket From The Crypt

Jasper Johns

Jackson Pollock

Robert Rauschenberg

Marcel Duchamp

Formula One

Liverpool F.C.

Powell & Pressburger

Martin Scorsese

Woody Allen

Orson Welles

Mike Leigh

Paul Auster

John Steinbeck

Private Eye


3 Responses to Links

  1. David Cant. says:

    Back in the 60’s were you in a film as a squaddie where you sang John the red nose? I was only a kid but remember the cast of soldiers clapping along in rhythm – was SImon Ward in it?

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