These interviews from a variety of print and online publications or sourced from original recordings are reproduced on the basis that the original interviews are either deleted, out of print or otherwise unavailable.

In the case of the Mojo Interviews, I’m not aware of them having been published in full anywhere before now.

Copyright remains with the original authors, photographers or publishers and – other than where clearly specified – I make no claim to copyright ownership for any of these articles.

Full credit is given to the original authors, photographers and copyright owners where known and links are provided to the relevant websites wherever possible.

1976 : Guitar magazine
1983 : Swing 51
1988 : Interview with Kevin Boyd (full version)
1988 : Interview with Kevin Boyd (Stirrings Magazine)
1991 : The Telegraph
1992 : Acoustic Guitar magazine
1998 (c.) : The Guitarist
2001 :
2004 : Andy Kershaw show
2008 : Imagined Village “Mojo Interview” (audio)
2009 : Acoustic magazine
2009 : Topic Records “Mojo Interview” (audio)
2009 : The Last Word
2011 : The Observer

If you hold the copyright for any of these interviews and would like them removed please email me using the “Get in touch” button on the top right of any page quoting the appropriate details and your request will be dealt with as soon as possible.

The following interviews are still available on their original source pages. If and when the source pages cease to be available the interviews are likely to appear here:

1979 : Folk Life Quarterly
1998 : New Statesman
1999 : FATEA (interview with Norma Waterson)
2000 : Across The Pond
2004 :
2010 : Crackerjack


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