The First Sixty Years

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 17 Feb 2011

Martin Carthy will shortly celebrate his 70th birthday with a special concert at the Southbank Centre. At time of writing tickets have just gone on sale and seem to be moving fairly quickly. Click here to check on current availability.

I have my ticket for this concert but when he celebrated his 60th birthday back in May 2001 I wasn’t so lucky and missed out on what, if the available recordings are anything to go by, was a special evening. It’s not much of a consolation, but I recently obtained a copy of the programme from that night which I reproduce in .pdf format here.

The programme’s design is clearly intended to tie in with the then-current Carthy Chronicles release and includes a short introduction by Chronicles producer/compiler Nigel Schofield. It also includes a brief welcome from event organiser Dave Pegg, details of all the evening’s guests (including ‘surprise’ guest Ralph McTell) and testimonials from a number of Carthy collaborators and colleagues.

Click here to view the file: The First Sixty Years

Please note, as this is a large file it may take some time to load.

You’ll need to have .pdf reader software such as Adobe Acrobat installed to read this file. If you don’t already have it you can download Acrobat for free here.


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