Photo Gallery: Carthy & Swarbrick, 4 Sept 2014

6 September 2014

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 6 September 2014
Updated: 8 September 2014

Another September; another Carthy & Swarb tour. Here they are at the Met Theatre in Bury a couple of days ago.

Update: Here are a few more different edits in colour of Martin from the same gig:

Photo Gallery: Martin Carthy, 17 July 2014

24 July 2014

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 24 July 2014

Here are a few shots taken at Martin’s recent solo gig at the Band On The Wall in Manchester.

Photo Gallery: Martin & Eliza Carthy, 13 June 2014

14 June 2014

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 14 June 2014

Martin and Eliza’s tour for their new album The Moral Of The Elephant visited the Met Theatre in Bury on 13 June.

Happy Bonny Black Hare Day

14 May 2014

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 14 May 2014

Every year on 14 May a handful of my Facebook friends post “Happy Bonny Black Hare” messages with links to videos of the song by assorted folkies. I got fed up of searching for Martin and Swarb’s version and not finding anything so I decided to make my own. Enjoy… and Happy Bonny Black Hare Day!

Martin and Eliza’s “Record Store Day” release

23 February 2014

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 23 February 2014

It’s been a busy week for Topic Records at the BBC Folk Awards: as well as Martin and Eliza using the occasion to debut a number of songs from their forthcoming duo album, another Topic act The Full English performed at Wednesday night’s ceremony and received awards for Best Group and Best Album. In the middle of all this Topic announced that Martin and Eliza would feature on the label’s 2014 UK Record Store Day release with a 7″ single of “Happiness” due on 19 April.

Happiness single cover

2014 will be the seventh UK Record Store Day and Topic have previously participated with releases by June Tabor & Oyster Band (2012) and Davy Graham (2013). These were exclusively available in physical format as limited runs of 1000 copies on 7″ vinyl from participating stores on the day of release with remaining copies being made available via Topic’s website at later dates. Digital versions can be downloaded via iTunes.

It’s safe to assume that the release of “Happiness” will follow the same format. This will be the first available track from Martin and Eliza’s new album “The Moral of the Elephant” as the 19 April release date will be some six weeks before the album is issued on 2 June. As yet there has been no announcement on the single’s B-side(s) or catalogue number but I would expect the latter to follow recent patterns and be assigned STOP2014. More detail to follow as and when it becomes available.

Edit : 24 February
Topic Records posted the following response:
“Martin & Eliza’s RSD single will have the catalogue number STOP2587.
We will shortly be announcing our other Record Store Day release which will have the catalogue number STOP2014…..
Best wishes
Topic Records”


Read my review of Topic’s 2013 Record Store Day release (also available here)

Recording “The Moral of the Elephant”

2014 BBC Folk Awards – there’s more!

22 February 2014

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 22 February 2014

The thing about actually being at the BBC Folk Awards is that you tend to miss out not only on the TV and radio broadcasts of the awards themselves but also on the various peripheral pre- and post-awards shows that support the main event. Partly for this reason and partly because I had spent several hours travelling back to the north of England on the day after the awards I hadn’t managed to actually listen to any of Simon Mayo’s now traditional Drive Time broadcast in the build-up to the event before I made yesterday’s post. Nor had I been able to check out the BBC iPlayer for any additional appearances. I’ve had a chance to do that now, so here is Martin on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row and Martin and Eliza talking to Simon Mayo and singing two exclusive live versions of songs from their forthcoming duo album “The Moral Of The Elephant“, The Queen Of Hearts and Happiness. In what is turning out to be a busy few days I’ll shortly be posting about an exciting development regarding the latter track so I suggest you check back after the weekend.

2014 BBC Folk Awards update

20 February 2014

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 20 February 2014

I mentioned in an earlier post that Martin Carthy was due to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2014 BBC Folk Awards and the award was presented by Jarvis Cocker at the ceremony held at the Royal Albert Hall in London last night. During the course of the evening Martin and Eliza performed “Died For Love” from their forthcoming Topic Records album “The Moral Of The Elephant” as well as contributing instrumental and vocal backing to Peggy Seeger’s tribute to her late brother Pete on “Quite Early Morning”. Here are a few photographs and videos from the evening taken of the BBC Radio 2 website:


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