Photo Gallery: Imagined Village 25 May 2012

26 May 2012

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 26 May 2012

One of Martin Carthy’s more interesting recent ventures has been the Imagined Village project. The first Imagined Village album had a lengthy gestation period and their first tour – which included Billy Bragg, Sheila Chandra and video contributions from John Copper and Benjamin Zephaniah – took place in November 2007. Since then they have settled into a semi-permanent lineup that has usually only tended to fluctuate when members have been unavailable due to other commitments. The current lineup of Barney Morse BrownSheema Mukherjee, Jackie Oates, Simon Emmerson, Johnny Kalsi, Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, Ali FriendGed Lynch and Simon Richmond toured to promote their new album in May 2012 and the following photographs were taken at their concert at the Royal Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool on May 25th. 


During this tour the Imagined Village asked various people to help them out by singing Chris Woods’ part in their encore of “Cold, Haily, Rainy Night” and I was lucky enough to be asked to sing at the Liverpool gig. Johnny Kalsi also wanted to get in on the act so he sang the first verse. It was the first time either of us had sung on stage but I think it’s fair to say that I was slightly more nervous than Johnny. This was also my fiftieth Martin Carthy gig of one sort or another and my big moment was caught on video. Here it is:


Imagined Village tour photos

19 January 2010

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 19 Jan 2010

Here are a few photos from the current Imagined Village UK tour. These are from the show at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Monday 18th January 2010.

The following photos were taken at the Manchester Lush store in February 2010 where they were displaying the “Space Girl” bath ballistics with Imagined Village point of sale artwork.


Imagined Village on YouTube

9 January 2010

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 9 Jan 2010

The new Imagine Village album is released on Monday 11 January on the new ECC label. A number of new YouTube clips have recently appeared to promote the album and the accompanying January tour:

Electronic press kit:

(Space Girl / Scarborough Fair / Cum On feel The Noize / My Son John)

Eliza’s “Space Girl” (full animated video):

Martin’s “My Son John” (full version):

I think this last one is set to join the likes of Famous Flower, Dominion Of The Sword et al. in the canon of truly great Martin Carthy re-writes. He did an astonishing solo version when I saw him a few weeks ago.

… and this live version of Martin singing Cum On Feel the Noize from the Bridport Arts Centre showcase gig has been knocking around for a while:

The band’s MySpace page has recently been updated:

… and they now have a dedicated space on the new ECC Records website:

And finally, there’s additional information about the CD and tour on John Crosby’s website:

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