#MC50 : ‘Nothing Rhymed’ with Jools Holland

2 March 2015

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 2 March 2015

The third of my #MC50 YouTube videos, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Martin’s debut album, is a unique recording from 2011 featuring Martin singing his version of Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Nothing Rhymed with Jools Holland and his orchestra. This one-off recording comes from a 2011 edition of Jools’ BBC radio 2 show:

The original show also included an extended interview with Martin that you can listen to here:

Photo Gallery: Martin Carthy solo, 7 October 2011

21 October 2011

Here are a few photographs taken at a Martin Carthy solo concert at The Continental in Preston, Lancashire on Friday 7 October 2011.

Click in a thumbnail to enlarge photo

Interestingly, the poster for this concert (shown below) features a photograph by my friend and Northern Sky editor Allan Wilkinson taken at a show we both attended in Doncaster a couple of years ago.

Photographs © Kevin Boyd

Carthy & Swarb: The Roaring 70s Tour (3/3)

30 September 2011

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 30 September 2011

Here are my final set of shots from Martin and Dave’s September 2011 “Roaring 70s” tour.

These come from the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool on 29 September.

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More photos from earlier in the tour here and here.

Carthy & Swarb: The Roaring 70s Tour (2/3)

28 September 2011

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 28 September 2011

Here are some more shots from Martin and Dave’s September 2011 “Roaring 70s” tour.

This time from the MAC (Midlands Arts Centre) in Birmingham on 25 September.

Click on a thumbnail to view photograph.

More photos from earlier in the tour here and from a little later here.

Carthy & Swarb: The Roaring 70s Tour (1/3)

4 September 2011

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 4 September 2011

Here are a few photographs from the early part of  Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick’s extensive UK tour during September 2011.

These are from the show at The Met in Bury, Greater Manchester on 1 September.

Click on a thumbnail to view photograph.

More photos from later in the tour here and here.


Live In Belfast 1978

27 November 2010

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 27 Nov 2010

For some of us, every new Martin Carthy album is an event, and the latest release looks like it may be of some considerable interest to fans both old and new. The pre-release promotional blurb for the forthcoming album “The January Man: Live in Belfast, 1978” claims it to be “the first ever official release of a Martin Carthy live solo album” which, depending on how you define ‘official’, may well be the case. In fact, the live album “Martin Carthy at Ruskin Mill” received a limited release in 2005 but was never widely available and of course “Both Ears and the Tail”, recorded live in 1966 (with Swarb, crucially) but unreleased until 2000, is now readily available via Topic Records.

This new live album promise some intriguing material including a couple of previously unrecorded (by Carthy) songs, some others that have been recorded but are not widely available and a number of tracks that are likely to be radical re-workings of familiar favourites. I’ve yet to hear the album and at the moment I know little about it beyond the track list and the fact that it was recorded live at the Sunflower Folk Club in Belfast on 20th October 1978.

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of songs from Carthy’s two latest solo albums, “Crown of Horn” (1976) and “Because It’s There” (1978), but there are also a number of previously unavailable songs. The official release isn’t until 24 January 2011 so until then here are some brief thoughts on the tracks:

The Rainbow
This is likely to be a version of the song that appears on the 1969 Carthy & Swarb album “Prince Heathen“. If so, it will be somewhat different to the album version, which was dominated by Swarb’s fiddle.

The Worcestershire Wedding (The Old Woman All Clothed In Grey)
This, I suspect, will be a pretty straight copy of the track that appears on “Crown of Horn” in 1976.

William & Nancy
Probably the Morris tune that is available on the obscure 1976 live album “Folkfestival ’76 Dranouter” and on John Kikpatrick’s “Plain Capers“.

The Trees They Grow So High
Still in his set thirteen years after first appearing on his 1965 debut album, it will be interesting to hear how this differs from the earlier version.

Willie’s Lady
Another “Crown of Horn” track. Along with “Prince Heathen” and “Famous Flower Of Serving Men” this was to be one of the major mainstays of Carthy’s solo live repertoire for many years to come.

Johnny Sands
Unreleased until now, this had already been part of Carthy’s live set for a number of years (I have an unreleased live recording from  circa 1972/3).

The Green Wedding
Another previously unreleased song, this had been recorded for a John Peel session on 3 October 1974 but has yet to make it onto an official release.

The Siege Of Delhi
Guitar tune that appears on 1978’s “Because It’s There” album

The Plains Of Waterloo
Never previously recorded or released by Carthy. There are a number of versions of this song around and I’ve never heard Carthy’s interpretation so it will be interesting to hear how he treats it here.

The Harvest Feast Song
Another previously unrecorded song. I don’t know anything about this at all.

The January Man
Written by Dave Goulder and included on the 1971 “Landfall” album.

The Bonny Black Hare
Done to great effect with Swarb on the 1967 “Byker Hill” album and still (very occasionally) included in their live shows.

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