On Air : 2000s

“Little Red Label”  BBC Radio 4


Documentary tracing the history of Topic records including interviews with Martin and Norma. Radio Times synopsis: “Born out of revolutionary zeal, the world’s oldest independent record label has survived by nurturing the most traditional of British folk music. Richard Coles looks at the history and future prospects of Topic Records.” Producer: Jane Ray

“Waterson:Carthy live”  Online Streaming Video

Recorded 08/05/2001


  1. The Royal Forester/The Bald Headed End Of The Broom
  2. Raggle Taggle Gypsies
  3. Lucy’s Waltz
  4. Orange In Bloom (The Sherbourne Waltz)
  5. Rambleaway
  6. Valentine Waltz
  7. Balancy Straw
  8. Once A Farmer And His Wife
  9. Whitefriars Hornpipe
  10. John Hamilton
  11. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
  12. The Bay Of Biscay
  13. Stars In My Crown
  14. There Ain’t No Sweet Man Worth The Salt Of My Tears

Video of this concert is available online at http://www.kennedy-center.org/programs/millennium/artist_detail.cfm?artist_id=WATERCARTH#

“Mike Harding”  BBC Radio 2

Broadcast date unknown (Recorded live at the Apollo Theatre, Oxford 21/05/2001)

Martin Carthy and Friends

  1. Fairport Convention: Good Fortune Medley
  2. Leon Rosselson: The Neighbour’s Cat
  3. Interview: Roy Bailey
  4. Roy Bailey, Martin Carthy & John Kirkpatrick: Captain Swing
  5. Martin Carthy, Maddy Prior, John Kirkpatrick, Eliza Carthy & Ashley Hutchings: False Knight On The Road
  6. Interviews: Martin Carthy / Maddy Prior / Martin Carthy (Dave Swarbrick)
  7. Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick: Jacky Tar
  8. Interview: John  Kirkpatrick
  9. Brass Monkey: The Maid And The Palmer
  10. Interview: Martin Carthy (Fairport)
  11. Interview: Eliza Carthy
  12. Waterson:Carthy: John Hamilton
  13. Waterson:Carthy: Raggle Taggle Gypsies
  14. Interview: Ralph McTell
  15. Waterson:Carthy and chorus: Midnight On The Water
  16. Interview: Martin Carthy
  17. All: Happy Birthday

These are live recordings from Carthy’s 60th birthday concert. Some tracks also appear on the CD-ROM that came with the Carthy Chronicles box set. The full set list is here: http://jack.mauveweb.co.uk/artists/watersoncarthy/20010520.html

“Andy Kershaw show”  BBC Radio 3

May / October 2001

Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson with Chris Parkinson

  1. Bold Doherty
  2. Sir Patrick Spens
  3. Golden Grove
  4. Bill Norrie
  5. Hard Times of Old England
  6. When First I Came to Caledonia

These are live tracks recorded at another 60th birthday concert at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford on 23 May 2001. Part One was broadcast on the Andy Kershaw in May and Part Two in October (I don’t know the precise broadcast dates):

  1. Bright Shiny Morning
  2. Jim Jones in Botany Bay
  3. Swaggering Boney
  4. Georgie
  5. T stands for Thomas
  6. Bay of Biscay
  7. Midnight on the Water

“Later… with Jools Holland”  BBC2 TV


Martin & Eliza Carthy

  1. The Wife of Usher’s Well

Martin and Eliza performed live and Martin was interviewed by Jools Holland

“Mike Harding show”  BBC Radio 2

Recorded 08/08/2001


  1. Mike Harding Interview / Midnight On The Water

I don’t have a recording of this, which is an excerpt from their Sidmouth Festival appearance, and I never heard the original broadcast but some details are listed here: http://jack.mauveweb.co.uk/artists/watersoncarthy/20010808.html

“Originals: Martin Carthy”  BBC4 TV


60 minute TV Documentary: “BBC Four celebrates the life and work of Martin Carthy, one of the best-loved and respected figures in the folk music fraternity”.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/music/features/martin_carthy.shtml Producer / Director: Greg Bailey

“BBC4 Sessions”  BBC4 TV


Martin Carthy and Friends

  1. Martin Carthy: I Sowed Some Seeds
  2. Martin & Eliza Carthy: The Bows Of London
  3. Waterson:Carthy: Bright Shiny Morning
  4. Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick: Sovay
  5. Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick: Byker Hill
  6. Brass Monkey: The Maid And The Palmer
  7. Wood, Wilson, Carthy: Six Jovial Welshmen
  8. Waterson:Carthy: Wraggle Taggle Gypsies
  9. Waterson:Carthy: Stars In My Crown
  10. Martin Carthy: Prince Heathen
  11. All: The Dominion Of The Sword

These are highlights from a live concert recorded at the Union Chapel, Islington and originally broadcast on the same night as the BBC TV documentary “Originals: Martin Carthy”.

Producer: Janet Fraser Cook.

Director: Alison Howe.

“Blue Murder live”  BBC Radio 2 and BBC Online

Recorded 01/08/2002

Blue Murder

  1. Blue Mountain
  2. Gown Of Green
  3. Bully In The Alley
  4. Three Day Millionaire
  5. Mole In A Hole
  6. Stars in My Crown
  7. Some Old Salty
  8. The Goodnight Song

These songs are listed on a bootleg recording as having been sourced from a BBC webcast but I don’t have any other details. Mole in a Hole also appears on a different bootleg compilation in FM stereo with the source quoted as “BBC broadcast”. No other details available:

http://jack.mauveweb.co.uk/artists/watersoncarthy/20020803_1.html http://jack.mauveweb.co.uk/artists/watersoncarthy/20020803_2.html

“Richard Thompson: Solitary Life”  BBC4 TV

February 2003

Martin appears as one of a number of ‘talking heads’ discussing various aspects of Thompson’s life and career in this BBC4 documentary.

“Freedom Highway: Songs That Shaped A Century”  BBC4 TV



  1. Moving On Song

Originally produced in 2001, this documentary explores how music has been used to affect social change. Norma Waterson is interviewed and sings this song accompanied by Martin and Eliza.


“Andy Kershaw Show”  BBC Radio 3


  1. Jacky tar
  2. Famous Flower of Serving Men
  3. The Foggy Dew
  4. The Royal Lament

Interview interspersed with live studio tracks

“BBC Folk Awards 2005”  BBC4 TV & BBC Radio 2

February 2005

Martin Carthy with Martin Simpson and Paul Sartin

  1. Bonny Woodhalll

BBC4 and Radio 2 broadcast extended highlights of the awards ceremony, which also included Martin receiving awards for Best Traditional Track (“Famous Flower of Serving Men”) from The Right Honourable Sir Gerald Kaufman and Folk Singer of the Year fron Bernard Hill. A previously unseen but very brief clip of Brass Monkey performing Riding Down To Portsmouth from the 2002 “BBC4 Sessions” concert at Union Chapel, Islington was used to introduce their nomination in the Best Band category.

“Discovering Music: Folk Music in Classical Music”  BBC Radio 3


Stephen Johnson & Martin Carthy

Stephen Johnson is joined by award-winning traditional folk singer Martin Carthy for a look at the imaginative ways in which Percy Grainger and Ralph Vaughan Williams used folk song material in their compositions. The original programme included a complete performance of Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus by Vaughan Williams which has been edited out of this recording but can be found (in much lower audio quality) here: Discovering Music Grainger: Ye Banks and Braes O’Bonnie Doon  Grainger: Passacaglia for orchestra – “Green Bushes”  Vaughan Williams: Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus   Martin Carthy sings extracts from “Dives and Lazarus”, “Come All You Worthy Christian Men”, “Maria Marten / The Murder In The Red Barn”, “Come All You Worthy Christian Men” (again) and “Star Of The County Down”. BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra  Martin Carthy (folk singer)  Christopher Austin (conductor)


“Soundcheck”  WNYC National Public Radio


  1. Limbo

Interview with John Schaefer and live performance from New York. http://www.wnyc.org/shows/soundcheck/episodes/2005/07/13/segments/49387

“Folk Britannia”  BBC4 TV

This major three-part series from BBC Four explored the history of the British folk revival. It traced the evolution of folk music from the end of World War II up to the scene’s latter-day revival. The participants included Bert Jansch, Peggy Seeger, Martin Carthy, Donovan, Davy Graham, Richard Thompson, Maddy Prior, Billy Bragg, Shane MacGowan, Beth Orton and Seth Lakeman.


“Folk Britannia. Part One: Ballads & Blues”  BBC4 TV

Various Artists


BBC synopsis: “From the post-war, highly politicised folk clubs to the 1950s skiffle scene that captured the imagination of the nation’s youth.” Carthy appears briefly discussing skiffle, Ewan MacColl and The Singers Club. He sings an excerpt from “Georgie” and is seen very briefly in a clip from the 1964 TV series “Hullaballoo” minus the source audio.


“Folk Britannia. Part Two: Folk Roots, New Routes”  BBC4 TV

Various Artists


BBC synopsis: “In the 1960s the folk boom takes hold, and bands like Fairport Convention and Pentangle bring the music into unexpected new places.” Carthy discusses Davy Graham, Anne Briggs, Paul Simon and Scarborough Fair, joining Steeleye Span and buying his blue Fender Telecaster guitar, playing electric and the state of folk clubs in the 1970s. Includes clips of Carthy singing “Lowlands” from the 1964 TV series “Hullaballoo”, Steeleye Span singing “Lark in the Morning” and “Prince Charlie Stewart” from the 1970 ATV TV programme “Music Room”, Carthy singing “Rufford Park Poachers” from 1983 from what appears to be the same gig that featured in the 1983 programme “The Good Old Way”. Also includes Norma discussing traditional music, clips from The Waterson 1965 documentary “Travelling for a Living”, Donavan discussing Martin, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, and Robin Hitchcock discussing early Steeleye Span (“the British Velvet Underground”).


“Folk Britannia. Part Three: Between The Wars””  BBC4 TV

Various Artists


BBC synopsis: “Folk-rock enters the 1970s mainstream, a political edge returns to music in Thatcher’s Britain and, today, two very different scenes see folk music flourishing once more.” Carthy briefly discusses the younger generation of folk musicians. Includes a clip of The Watersons from the 1983 programme “The Good Old Way”, a very brief clip of Carthy, Roy Bailey and Leon Rosselson circa 1983 minus the source audio from what appears to be the same gig that featured in “The Good Old Way”, another brief clip from the same gig of Carthy accompanying Roy Bailey singing “Blackleg Miner”, a clip of Brass Monkey performing “Jolly Tinker” from the 1982 Cambridge Folk Festival, a clip of Waterson:Carthy singing “Bright Shiny Morning” from the 2002 “BBC4 Sessions” concert at the Union Chapel, Islington and a clip of Martin receiving a BBC Folk Award in 2005. Also includes a brief clip of The Watersons at Cecil Sharp House from the 1965 documentary “Travelling for a Living”, a clip of Eliza singing “Whitby Lad”, Eliza and band singing “Good Morning Mr Walker” from the 1997 Ken Russell film “In Search of the English Folk Song”, discussing growing up, getting together with Nancy Kerr, the “Evolving Tradition” CD and playing at Sidmouth, Norma discussing comedians in the 1970s folk scene, Jim Moray, John Spiers and John Bowden discussion Eliza, and Jim Moray discussing Martin (“Yes I can if Martin Carthy says it’s alright”).


“Folk at the BBC. Part One: The 50s and 60s”  BBC4 TV


  1. Georgie

Compilation of archive, newly recorded and other source clips used in the making of the BBC “Folk Britannia” strand. Part One included the full version of “Georgie” that had appeared briefly in Part One of “Folk Britannia”. “Folk at the BBC. Part Two: The 60s and 70s” was broadcast on 10/02/2006 but didn’t include any Carthy clips.


“Folk on Later”  BBC4 TV


Various Artists

  1. Norma Waterson: There ain’t no sweet man that’s worth the salt of my tears
  2. Martin and Eliza Carthy: The Wife of Usher’s Well

Hour-long programme comprising highlights from the “Later… with Jools Holland” strand to tie in with the “Folk Britannia” strand. Also includes “Skirmish” by Eliza Carthy and Bryony Griffiths with Dofrose Morris from May 2003.

“Folk Britannia: Which side are you on?”  BBC4 TV

24/02/2006 (Recorded live at The Barbican, London 02/02/2006)

Various Artists

  1. Which Side Are You On?: Billy Bragg
  2. I Guess I Planted: Billy Bragg & Robb Johnson, with Martin Barker & Simon Edwards
  3. Outlaws & Dreamers: Dick Gaughan
  4. Do Re Mi: Billy Bragg, Andy Irvine & Dick Gaughan, with Martin Barker & Simon Edwards
  5. Ballad of Tom Joad: Andy Irvine
  6. Never Tire of the Road: Andy Irvine
  7. Be Reasonable: Robb Johnson with Maggie Holland & Dick Gaughan
  8. Song of Choice: Dick Gaughan
  9. Nobody Knew She Was There: Karine Polwart & Calum MacColl
  10. Father’s Song: Chris Wood
  11. Moving On Song: Karine Polwart & Chris Wood, with Neill MacColl & Calum MacColl
  12. The Eighteenth of June: Martin Carthy
  13. Champion At Keeping ‘Em Rolling: Martin Carthy
  14. A Place Called England: Maggie Holland
  15. Ain’t Got No Home In This World Anymore: Donovan
  16. Universal Soldier: Donovan
  17. Between The Wars: Billy Bragg
  18. Hard Travellin’: All

BBC synopsis: “Billy Bragg hosts a spectacular concert dedicated to songs of social engagement and commentary. From the radical folk protest of luminaries such as Ewan McColl to the more contemplative songs on the role of the individual in society.”


Producer: Serena Cross.

Director: Janet Fraser Cook.

“Folk Britannia: Daughters of Albion”  BBC4 TV

03/03/2006 (Recorded live at The Barbican, London 03/02/2006)

Various Artists

  1. North Country Maid: Norma Waterson with chorus
  2. Willow Tree: Eliza Carthy with Norma Waterson
  3. The Enchantment: Sheila Chandra
  4. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face: Kathryn Williams with Niall MacColl
  5. Beloved One: Lou Rhodes with Eliza Carthy
  6. Fine Horseman: June Tabor with Huw Warren
  7. Lili Marlene: June Tabor with Huw Warren
  8. Foolish One: Eliza Carthy
  9. This Woman’s Work: Kathryn Williams with Eliza Carthy and Lou Rhodes
  10. Strange Weather: Norma Waterson with Eliza Carthy
  11. Winter Is Blue: Vashti Bunyan
  12. Down By The Water: Lou Rhodes and Sheila Chandra
  13. Blackwater Side: Kathryn Williams
  14. There Ain’t No Sweet Man That’s Worth The Salt Of My Tears: Norma Waterson with Eliza Carthy
  15. Who Knows Where The Time Goes: All

BBC synopsis: “This special concert brings together some of England’s finest female folk artists and contemporary singer-songwriters. Connected by a strong sense of place, a certain wit and singularity of voice, these Daughters of Albion sing songs of experience, shot through with a deliciously dark seam of melancholy.” Part of the BBC “Folk Britannia” strand. Martin formed part of the ‘house band’ for the evening which also included Liam Bradley, David Coulter, Caroline Hall, Niall MacColl, Rory MacFarlane, Laura Reid, Tim Van Eyken and Pete Whyman. Musical Director: Kate St John.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/music/features/folk-barbican.shtml http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/music/features/folk-concert2.shtml

Producer: Serena Cross.

Director: Janet Fraser Cook.

“Arena: Dylan in the Madhouse”  BBC4 TV


Documentary examining Bob Dylan’s first trip to the UK in winter 1962 to take part in the BBC TV play “Mad House on Castle Street”. Carthy discusses his earliest associations with Dylan, reads from “Chronicles Volume I”, plays “Scarborough Fair” and recalls the infamous ‘piano burning’ incident.

Director: Anthony Wall


“Talking Bob Dylan Blues: A Tribute Concert”  BBC4 TV


Various Artists

  1. Billy Bragg: When the Ship Comes In
  2. Odetta: Tomorrow is a Long Time
  3. Odetta: Mr Tambourine Man
  4. Willy Mason: To Ramona
  5. Willy Mason: Live It Up
  6. Martin Carthy:  The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
  7. Martin Carthy: Scarborough Fair
  8. Roy Harper: Girl of the North Country
  9. Roy Harper: When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease
  10. Liam Clancy: Rambling Gambling Willie
  11. Liam Clancy: Restless Farewell
  12. Barb Jungr: If Not For You
  13. Barb Jungr: Like a Rolling Stone
  14. Robyn Hitchcock:  Not Dark Yet
  15. KT Tunstall: Tangled Up in Blue
  16. KT Tunstall: Simple Twist of Fate
  17. Odetta and Liam Clancy: Blowin’ in the Wind
  18. KT Tunstall, Billy Bragg, All: This Wheel’s on Fire

BBC synopsis: “Billy Bragg presents a one-off tribute concert featuring today’s crop of Bob Dylan admirers and those who’ve known him since the early 1960s.” Recorded at the Barbican in London. Also includes readings from Bob Dylan’s “Chronicles Volume I” by Kerry Shale


“Coppersongs”  BBC Four TV


Various Artists

BBC synopsis: “The story of Bob Copper and the Copper Family, one of the stalwarts of English folk music, and the remarkable tale of their songs’ continuing influence.“ BBC documentary including interviews with three generations of Coppers, as well as Billy Bragg, Norma Waterson, Martin Carthy and Shirley Collins.


“Andy Kershaw show”  BBC Radio 3


Waterson:Carthy with the Devil’s Interval

  1. New Year Carol / Residue
  2. Awake Awake
  3. Christ Made a Trance
  4. Cherry Tree Carol
  5. Reaphook and Sickle
  6. The Quern Song [The Devils Interval]
  7. Jackobstowe Wassail
  8. Jack Frost
  9. Jolly Old Hawk
  10. The Holly and the Ivy

Excerpts from the 2006 “Frost & Fire” live show.

“Celebrity Wife Swap”  Channel 4 TV

Unrealised project – proposed broadcast date unknown but circa 2006/2007

Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy

One of the more intriguing TV projects that never got beyond the offer stage was Martin and Norma’s proposed participation in the celebrity version of the popular Wife Swap series. Martin describes the discussion with his agent Alan Bearman as one of the stranger calls he’s ever taken and Bearman’s reported laughter probably foresaw the inevitable rejection from the couple. One of the great missed media opportunities of the folk world (probably!)

“Lost Albums: Bright Phoebus”  BBC Radio 4

08/05/2007 (Repeated 12/05/2007 and 26/07/2011)

BBC website synopsis: “Music journalist Pete Paphides reveals the stories and music behind some of the great albums which have been lost in the mists of time. Folk legends Mike Waterson, Martin Carthy and Ashley Hutchings talk about the writing and recording of the 1972 album now considered one of the definitive recordings of the genre. When it was released, it was shunned by both critics and audiences.”


“Once in a Blue Moon: A tribute to Lal Waterson”  BBC Online

Recorded 25/10/2007

Various Artists

  1. Some Old Salty
  2. Flight Of The Pelican
  3. Foolish One
  4. The Altisidora
  5. So Strange Is Man
  6. Migrating Bird
  7. Pheobe
  8. Cornfield
  9. Memories
  10. Fine Horse Man
  11. Winifer Odd
  12. Never The Same
  13. At First She Starts
  14. Midnight Feast
  15. Her White Gown
  16. Evona Darling
  17. The Bird
  18. Wilsons Arms
  19. One Of Those Days
  20. Scarecrow
  21. Red Wine Promises
  22. Song For Thersa
  23. Once In A Blue Moon
  24. Stumbling On

An edited version of this concert – part of the BBC Electric Proms strand – was briefly televised on a loop on the BBC interactive ‘red button’ service. Sections may have been broadcast on BBC Radio 2 but I don’t know the dates, if any, and the entire performance was briefly made available on the BBC website.


“O Thou Transcendent: The Life Of Ralph Vaughan Williams” Five TV


BFI synopsis: “Profile of composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, looking at his life and music. Includes contributions from family, friends and admirers, as well as performances of some of his music.”

BFI credits Martin as “Cast Member”.

Director: Tony Palmer

“Later… with Jools Holland”  BBC2 TV


The Imagined Village

  1. Cold, Haily, Rainy Night

“Eliza Carthy: My Music”  Five TV


Eliza Carthy

Hour-long documentary focusing on Eliza’s career and the making of her “Dreams of Breathing Underwater” album. Includes interviews with Eliza, Norma, Martin and others.

Producer / Director: Eddie Frost.

Production Company: Proudfoot Company.


“Glastonbury 2008”  BBCi TV & BBC Online


The Imagined Village

  1. ‘Ouses, ‘Ouses, ‘Ouses
  2. Cold, Haily, Rainy Night
  3. Tan Lyn Retold

This brief excerpt from the Imagined Village set on the Jazz/World stage at Glastonbury festival was only televised once on the BBC interactive ‘red button’ service but was available for a longer period online via the BBC website.

“The Imagined Village at Cambridge Folk Festival 2008”  BBC4 TV


The Imagined Village

  1. Cold, Haily, Rainy Night
  2. Interviews: Simon Emmerson / Martin Carthy / Billy Bragg / Andy Gangadeen
  3. Scarborough Fair (excerpt)
  4. Interviews: Eliza Carthy / Martin Carthy / Benjamin Zephaniah
  5. Tam Lyn Retold
  6. Interviews: Simon Emmerson / Billy Bragg / Benjamin Zephaniah / Martin Carthy / Eliza  Carthy
  7. Hard Times of Old England Retold

One of three 30-minute programmes highlighting different headline acts at the 2008 Cambridge Folk Festival.

Presented by Mark Radcliffe.

“Bob Dylan’s Big Freeze”  BBC Radio 2


Bob Harris tells the story of Dylan’s extraordinary two month stay in London during the freezing winter of 1962-3, and we hear from the people who bumped into him and sent him on his way, from the folk clubs of Accrington to the tailors of Carnaby Street. In the summer of 1962, Dylan had been spotted by BBC director Phillip Saville in a Greenwich Village basement and invited over to appear in Evan Jones’s play, Madhouse On Castle Street. Receiving a fee of 500 guineas, Dylan duly flew to London to star alongside David Warner. While he was in London, Dylan stayed with Martin Carthy, who remembers chopping up a piano for firewood during that long cold winter! While in London, Dylan became a regular figure on the burgeoning folk club circuit. Eventually, under the pseudonym of Blind Boy Grunt, Dylan also cut an LP, recorded in basement of Dobell’s record shop on Charing Cross Road with the help of a crate of Guinness. Dylan’s eight week stay resulted in a burst of original songs (Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright, Bob Dylan’s Dream) which were heavily influenced by his exposure to traditional English folk.

First broadcast BBC Radio 2, 10:30pm Tue, 25 Nov 2008

Repeated on BBC Radio 6 Music, 3:00am Sun, 20 Nov 2011

“Mike Harding show”  BBC Radio 2


Martin talks about Brass Monkey and plays three tracks from the album “Head of Steam”.

  1. Lichfield Tattoo / The Radstack Jig / The Quickstep from ‘The Battle of Prague’
  2. The Trees They Do Grow High
  3. The Loss of the Ramillies

First broadcast on BBC Radio 2, Wednesday 15 April 2009

“Best of Cambridge 2009”  BBC Radio 2


The Waterson Family

  1. Hog-Eye Man

This programme was broadcast live from the 2009 Cambridge Folk Festival site on the Saturday evening and featured the best of the acts so far including a live recording from the previous day’s Waterson Family performance. The lineup for this show was: Ollie Knight; Rachel Straw; Anne Waterson; Martin Carthy; Norma Waterson; Mike Waterson; Maria Gilhooley; Eliza Carthy; Eleanor Waterson.


“Mike Harding show”  BBC Radio 2


The Waterson Family

  1. Some Old Salty

Another show featuring the ‘best of’ the 2009 Cambridge Folk Festival including a live track from the Waterson Family recorded 31/07/2009.


“The Last Word”  BBC Radio 4


Radio 4’s weekly obituary programme, telling the life stories of those who have died recently. “Ry Cooder and Martin Carthy pay a lyrical tribute to the multi-instrumentalist of the American folk revival, Mike Seeger”.


5 Responses to On Air : 2000s

  1. Chris J Brady says:

    Seelking an MP3 of this BBC doc. – “Lost Albums: Bright Phoebus” # Also seeking the BBC doc. “Folk Britania – Coppersongs” – please leave a message. Wassail…

    • Kevin Boyd says:

      Hi Chris

      I notice you were asking about the “Bright Phoebus” doc on Mudcat where a couple of people added links to downloadable versions. If you still haven’t got it I’ve added my own Soundcloud file that you can download from here: http://soundcloud.com/comesingitplain-2/lost-albums-bright-phoebus

      I’m afraid I only have the “Coppersongs” doc on VHS and don’t currently have the means to transfer it to a digital format.


  2. ChrisJBrady says:

    Hi Kev – sorry about the delay in responding. If you want I can digitise said VHS tape for you. Also I have most of the Dylan progs. and recent M & E Carthy progs from RadioDownloader ex-iPlayer if you want them. Plus I have a copy of the recent Martin Carthy Folkweave prog. ex-BBC Transcription Disc that was recently sold on eBay for about £50!!!

  3. Kevin Boyd says:

    Hi Chris. I think I have all the recent Martin & Eliza progs – check out the latest entries here:
    If I’ve missed any please let me know as I’d like to list the details and get hold of copies if possible.

    I also know about the BBC transcription disc as it was me who parted with 50 of my hard-earned English pounds on eBay recently. Some scans and general info about it here:

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