On Air : 1990s

“Tonight Live”  Australian TV


Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick

  1. Sovay

“Andy Kershaw Show”  BBC Radio 1


Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick

  1. Sovay
  2. A Question of Sport
  3. Of Dear Oh
  4. Carthy’s March / The Lemon Tree

“Folk on Two”  BBC Radio 2


Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick

  1. The Trip We Took Over The Mountains
  2. Sovay
  3. Oh Dear Oh
  4. Bows of London
  5. Dominion of the Sword
Recorded live at Salisbury Arts Centre 05/10/1990

“Folk on Two”  BBC Radio 2

24/04/1991 (Recorded 06/04/1991)

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Various

  1. Oh Dear Oh
  2. The Begging Song
  3. The Trip We Took Over the Mountain (with Savourna Stevenson)

Swarbrick’s 50th birthday concert was recorded at Birmingham Town Hall and later released as the CD “Folk on 2: Dave Swarbrick’s 50th Birthday Concert”. Other artists on the broadcast were Beryl Marriott, Ian Campell Folk Group and Fairport Convention


“The Late Show”  BBC2 TV

Broadcast date unknown (probably early 1993)

Martin Carthy

The Late Show was BBC2’s flagship arts, media and culture magazine programme from 1987 to the mid-1990s.

Tracey MacLeod presents this short slot by Mark Cooper which includes clips of Martin talking at home and singing in Robin Hood’s Bay with contributions from Billy Bragg, Ian Anderson and Georgina Boyes.

Editor: Janice Hadlow

(Title unknown)  BBC Radio 2

January – March 1994

Martin Carthy: Guest Presenter

Martin hosted a series of six short (circa 30-minute) programmes on BBC radio 2 where he played a wide variety of music that had influenced him over the years. The content is similar to the programme broadcast in October 1989 (and, to a lesser degree, to the three “Folk On Two” programmes that he guest-presented in July 1988) and has been digitized and kindly made available for download by Eli Smith on his “Down Home Radio Show” website.

Probably produced by David Corser


“Acoustic Routes”  TV

Broadcast date unknown

Various Artists

  1. The Elfin Knight

This documentary presented by Billy Connolly is essentially about Bert Jansch but covers many aspects of the 1960s British folk revival. Martin discusses Paul Simon and “Scarborough Fair” and Martin and Bert duet on “The Elfin Knight” (an alternative title for “Scarborough Fair”).

“Sunday Afternoon”  ABC TV Australia


Martin and Eliza Carthy / Waterson:Carthy

  1. La Cardeuse
  2. With Kitty I’ll Go

“TV Ballads: On the Job”  BBC2 TV


BFI synopsis: “Series looking at modern life through folk music and poetry. This programme focuses on the changing patterns of work.”

BFI credits Martin as “Music Performer on Soundtrack”

Producer: John Gwyn. Director: Richard Pawelko

“Gallivant”  Channel 4 TV


BFI synopsis: “The director, his grandmother and daughter (who has learning difficulties) set out to travel all the way around the coastline of mainland Britain. They have adventures, meet strange characters and explore fishing villages on their journey.”

BFI credits Martin as “met in Robin Hoods Bay”

Producer: Ben Woolford. Director: Andrew Kötting


“Later… with Jools Holland”  BBC2 TV

June 1996

Norma Waterson

  1. There ain’t no sweet an that’s worth the salt of my tears

One of a number of TV appearances made by Norma’s band – which included Martin and Eliza – to promote her debut solo album.

“Mercury Music Prize”  BBC TV

September 1996

Norma Waterson

  1. There ain’t no sweet an that’s worth the salt of my tears

Norma’s first solo album was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize this year and she appeared on the awards programme with her band, including Martin Carthy amongst others.

“Sult”  Tara TV

Broadcast date unknown (possibly circa 1997)


  1. Claudy Banks
  2. Midnight On The Water

This appeared on YouTube in December 2010 but is a bit of a mystery as no production details are given and no date shown. It’s easy to determine from the clips above that it’s from Tara TV which was a cable TV network in Ireland between 1996 and 2002. I’ve guessed the date at 1997 as this would coincide with the release of the “Common Tongue” album from which “Claudy Banks” is taken and Eliza’s appearance here is close to that on the album cover. The host is Donal Lunny

“Music Journeys: Ken Russell In Search of the English Folk Song”  Channel Four TV



BFI synopsis: “Third in a series of musical documentaries. Film director Ken Russell investigates English folk music and seeks to give it a better image. Musicians appearing in the programme include guitarist Aaron Lowe, Carole Harwood (singer of bawdy songs and a political activist), Bob Appleyard (folk singer from Boldre village), Chris King and Lynne Fortt (activists who joined the Greenham Common protest), June Tabor (traditional folk singer) and Fairport Convention. At one of the festivals organised by Fairport Convention, Russell listens to the music of Osibisa, Liza Carthy (progressive folk singer), Waterson Carthy, Chris While, and Ashley Hutchings (founder of Fairport Convention). On his last stop to Glastonbury, Russell meet Donovan.”

  1. Stars in My Crown

Director: Ken Russell.
Production Company: Dreamgrange

“Sounds of The Suburbs” Channel 4 TV



  1. Sleep On Beloved
  2. When First I Came To Caledonia

Travelogue-style series presented by John Peel.

BFI synopsis: “Eight programmes in which John Peel visits British towns that spawned musical trends.” In this episode Peel visits Martin and Norma’s house in Robin Hoods Bay where they discuss Eliza’s first live performance, the nature of ‘Englishness’ and live music. Also includes a brief clip of Eliza performing “Red Rice”.

Producer: Camilla Deakin. Director: Jessica Whitehead.

“Cambridge Folk Festival”  BBC Radio 2 and BBC TV

Broadcast dates unknown (probably circa August 1999)

Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy

  1. Black Muddy River
  2. The Devil and the Feathery Wife
  3. Interview (radio only)

“Mike Harding Show”  BBC Radio 2

Broadcast date unknown (probably circa August 1999)

  1. Interview
  2. Sir Patrick Spens

Interview and live song recorded at Sidmouth Folk Festival

“As I Roved Out: A Century of Folk Music“  BBC Radio 4




Documentary tracing the history of the UK folk revival from 1899 to present, presented by John Peel. Martin and Norma feature in interviews on these programmes which form parts two to four of the series.

Part one from 25/08/1999 didn’t feature Carthy and I don’t have part five from 22/09/1999 but as this focussed on Irish music it’s unlikely to have included Carthy. I’ve been unable to confirm whether further parts were broadcast.

“Radio 2 In Concert (Women in Folk season)”  BBC Radio 2


Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy with Chris Parkinson

  1. Black Muddy River
  2. On Fridays he’s Fred Astaire
  3. Joseph Locke
  4. There ain’t no sweet man that’s worth the salt of my tears

Live recordings introduced by Andy Kershaw. Eliza Carthy and Kate Rusby featured in separate broadcasts in the “Women in Folk” strand.


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