On Air : 1980s

“The Other Music”  BBC2 TV


BFI synopsis: “Programme which chronicles the folk song revival from 1945-1981 from its roots in the British tradition with Frankie Armstrong, Ian Campbell Group, Martin Carthy, Roy Harris, A.L. Lloyd, Alan Lomax, Ewan McColl, & Peggy Seeger, The Watersons, Steeleye Span etc.”

BFI credits Martin as “music performance” and “interviewee”. BFI credits The Watersons as “music performance”

Production Company: BBC Bristol Arts Unit. Producer: Philip Donnellan

“Six Fifty-Five Special”  BBC1 TV

Circa August 1982

Fairport Convention

  1. Iron Lion

Carthy appears as a guest on this one song. Other tracks performed without Carthy include Walk Awhile and Dirty Linen.

“Cambridge Folk Festival”  BBC TV

Broadcast date unknown

Brass Monkey

  1. Jolly Tinker
  2. Unknown

Billed as “The Martin Carthy Band”, Brass Monkey appear playing two songs, including “Jolly Tinker”.

“The Battle of Waterloo” (aka “Live From Pebble Mill”) BBC2 TV


Transmitted live from BBC Pebble Mill studios (Birmingham)

Carthy plays “Wolfhound” as part of the ensemble cast and sings “The Eighteenth of June”

Writer: Keith Dewhurst

“John Peel Show”  BBC Radio 1


  1. The Devil And The Feathery Wife
  2. Tarry Trousers
  3. Lady Dysie
  4. Long John
  5. I Sowed Some Seeds

Recorded: 18 April 1983, BBC Maida Vale Studio 4 
Producer: Tony Wilson

First broadcast on BBC Radio 1, 25 April 1983

The Devil And The Feathery Wife, I Sowed Some Seeds and Long John were broadcast on “Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone” BBC Radio 6 Music, 28 February 2010

Lady Dysie and Long John were broadcast on “Gideon Coe” BBC Radio 6 Music, 12 July 2012

“The Good Old Way”  BBC2 TV


The Watersons

BFI synopsis:  “Short documentary featuring folk music group, The Watersons, performing live at a folk club. Also features interviews with the individual group members.”

Songs included: Cockadoodle Do / Dido Bendigo / Gower Wassail / Shepherd’s Song / The Good Old Way

Production Company: BBC Bristol

“The Good Old Way”  BBC2 TV


BFI synopsis: “Two singers, Martin Carthy and Frankie Armstrong, consider folk music in the 80s.”

Production Company: BBC Bristol

“The Story Of The Carol”  ITV TV


BFI synopsis: “Documentary history of Christmas carols.”

BFI credits Martin as “on-screen participant” and “cast member”

Producer / Director: John Bartlett

“Andy Kershaw show”  BBC Radio 1

August 1986

The Watersons

  1. Jolly Waggoner
  2. Prickle Holly Bush
  3. The King’s Song
  4. Young Banker

Recorded at Strawberry Sound studios, Stockport, 7 August 1986.

The Watersons lineup for this session was: Mike, Lal, Norma & Rachel Waterson and Martin Carthy.

“The King’s Song” is better known in The Watersons’ repertoire as “Joy, Health, Love and Peace”. 

Produced by Clive Gregson and Tony Worthington

“Andy Kershaw Show”  BBC Radio 1


  1. When I Was Young
  2. Rufford Park Poachers
  3. Homage A Roche Proulx
  4. Company Policy

All tracks appear on “The Kershaw Sessions” CD

“Folk on Two”  BBC Radio 2


Martin Carthy with Chris Wood (CW)

  1. I Sowed Some Seeds
  2. Foster’s Fudge (w/ CW)
  3. Hard Times of Old England
  4. The Indian Queen (w/ CW)

“Folk on Two”  BBC Radio 2

Broadcast date unknown (Circa mid/late 1987)

Blue Murder

  1. Black Seam (SA)
  2. The White Cockade (W)
  3. Derby Ram (W)
  4. Down in the Valley
  5. The Land Where You Never Grow Old
  6. Rolling Home
  7. Mole in a Hole

Recorded live at Oakenhouse Town Hall (probably late 1987). Also includes The Watersons [including Rachel Waterson] (W) and Swan Arcade (SA)

“Calendar”  Yorkshire TV

Broadcast date unknown (circa December 1987)

Martin Carthy and Friends

  1. Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
  2. Unknown

Ensemble including Martyn Wyndham-Read singing Christmas songs.

“The Northern Arts: Martin Carthy”  BBC TV


Short (15-minute) documentary featuring interviews with Martin and Norma plus solo performances of “I Courted A Damsel” and “La Cardeuse”.


“Folk on Two”  BBC Radio 2


The Waterson

  1. The Copper Family: Bold Fisherman 
  2. Peter Bellamy: On Board A “98” 
  3. Peter Bellamy: Big Steamers 
  4. Jim Lloyd interviews Derek Schofield 
  5. The Watersons: I Went To Market 
  6. The Watersons: Prickle Holly Bush 
  7. Jim Llloyd interviews Norma and Mike Waterson 
  8. The Watersons: Derby Ram

“Coppersongs” Launch Concert from Cecil Sharp House. Also featured The Copper Family and Peter Bellamy.

“Folk on Two”  BBC Radio 2


Martin Carthy: Guest Presenter

Martin sat in for usual presenter Jim Lloyd for three consecutive weeks on the BBC folk music programme.

“Andy Kershaw Show”  BBC Radio 1


  1. La Cardeuse
  2. Aux Anciens Parapets
  3. The Dominion of the Sword
  4. The Famous Flower of Serving Men

All tracks appear on “The Kershaw Sessions” CD

“Folk on Two”  BBC Radio 2


Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick

  1. Carthy’s March
  2. Arthur McBride & the Sergeant
  3. All in Green
  4. Porcupine Rag
  5. A-Begging I Will Go
  6. The Broomfield Hill

“Calendar”  Yorkshire TV

Broadcast date unknown (circa July 1989)

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick

  1. Sovay

Pre-recorded in-studio live performance promoting their “Second Farewell Tour”.

“Folk on Two”  BBC Radio 2

Broadcast date unknown (circa October 1989)

Ninety-minute interview/feature presented by Jim Lloyd in which Carthy discusses his life and career and plays some of the records that have influenced him.


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