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Martin Carthy : TV, radio, internet and cinema appearances

This inventory of Carthy’s TV, radio, internet and cinema appearances is collated from various sources. The starting point for entries up to circa 1986 was the listing printed in the booklet that accompanied the 2001 Carthy Chronicles box set (hereafter referred to as “CC”). Some additional cross-referencing relating to Peel Sessions was researched via the BBC Peel Sessions website (hereafter “PS”) with additional TV and cinema appearances sourced using the BFI Film and TV database (“BFI”) and the Internet Movie Database (“IMDb”). Entries from 1986 onwards are largely based on information and recordings in my own archive with further cross-referencing from the same sources. In a few instances I no longer possess the actual recordings and where this is the case and I’ve been unable to verify details from a reliable source I’ve resorted to memory with the inevitable potential this presents for inaccuracies. In these cases I haven’t always been able to list the tracks or contents but have annotated the entries to the best of my ability.

This is by no means a complete list of all Carthy’s TV and radio appearances. I’m sure, for instance, there must have been many more non-UK broadcasts than those I’ve been able to uncover and I’m equally certain there are more local and national radio appearances than I’ve listed. So whilst I believe this is the most detailed list of it’s kind anywhere either in print or online at present I also welcome any additions or amendments that will help make it more comprehensive.

All appearances are Martin Carthy solo unless otherwise stated. Broadcast dates (where known) are given for the first transmission only.

Peel Sessions:


BFI Database:





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