#MC50 is a collection of YouTube videos featuring rare live and studio tracks sourced from my personal archive of radio recordings, mostly from the late-80s onwards. I published a different recording each month during 2015 to celebrate 50 years since the release of Martin’s first solo album. I tried to include a representative cross-section of solo, duo, group and family recordings. Some of the audio is in less-than-pristine condition but everything has its merits to some extent and I think it’s been worth including all of them for one reason or another. Here’s the complete collection:

January – Scarborough Fair by Martin Carthy 

February – Martin Carthy: 1983 Peel Session

March – Martin Carthy: “Nothing Rhymed” live at the BBC with Jools Holland 

April – Martin Carthy: 2004 BBC Kershaw Session 

May – Martin Carthy: 1976 Peel Session 

June – Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick – 1988 Folk On Two Session 

July – Blue Murder live in 1987 

August – Martin Carthy, live on WNYC, 2005 “Limbo” 

September – Martin Carthy & Chris Wood in session 1987 

October – The Watersons – In Session 1986 & Live 1988 

November – Martin Carthy & Norma Waterson – Live 2001 

December – Waterson:Carthy “Frost & Fire Live” 2006 

Christmas Bonus – Martin Carthy: Live in Yorkshire, 2012


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