2009 : Topic Records “Mojo Interview”

Cambridge Folk Festival, Friday 31 July 2009

Every year the Club Tent at the Cambridge Folk Festival hosts the “Mojo Interview” – an hour long on-stage interview with one (or more) of the festival’s major acts.

Topic Records celebrated its 70th birthday in 2009 and one of the label’s stalwart acts The Waterson Family appeared at that year’s festival – as they had (in a slightly different form) at the first ever Cambridge Folk Festival in 1964. So it was only appropriate that Topic and the Waterson Family would be the subject of that year’s Mojo interview.

The label was represented by its current boss Tony Engle while Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson were there to tell the history of the famous folk singing family. The lineup was completed by Martin Simpson, whose association with the label goes back almost 40 years and who has returned to the fold relatively recently.

The interview was conducted by Colin Irwin.

Many thanks to Allan Wilkinson at Northern Sky for providing the recording.

External Links:

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