2009: The Last Word

This is Carthy’s entire contribution to the BBC Radio 4 obituary programme The Last Word that was broadcast on 21/08/2009 and 23/08/2009 and featured various friends and colleagues discussing Mike Seeger.

“He was a very good looking guy, very boney-featured… you might even say, if you were being uncomplimentary, scrawny. Whenever I met him he was very, very open and very, very friendly and if you ever asked a question you got an absolutely straight and very erudite answer. Music can stand just about anything you want to do with it but you’re really better off knowing what you’re doing. Study the thing, find out about it, learn about it,¬†really get into it and then you’re free to do whatever the Hell you want and it really counts. And that’s the lesson that I draw from him.”


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