2008 : Imagined Village “Mojo Interview”

Cambridge Folk Festival, 1 August 2008

Every year the Club Tent at the Cambridge Folk Festival hosts the “Mojo Interview” – an hour long on-stage interview with one (or more) of the festival’s major acts.

On their first national tour in November 2007 The Imagine Village had preceded each of their shows with an on-stage discussion / Q&A session which had dealt with a number of issues relevant to the Imagined Village project and specifically those relating to notions of Englishness and multiculturalism. Inevitably, the discussions also diversified into more general examinations of the English folk scene and into the histories and anecdotes of the individual participants.

In 2008 The Imagined Village were one of Cambridge Folk Festival’s headline acts and their on-stage discussion became to obvious subject for the Mojo Interview. This is a recording of that interview which was chaired by journalist Will Hodgkinson and included Imagined Village band members Chris Wood, Billy Bragg, Martin Carthy and Simon Emerson.

Many thanks to Allan Wilkinson at Northern Sky for providing the recording.

External Links:

New Imagined Village website
Original Imagined Village website
Cambridge Folk Festival
Mojo Magazine
Northern Sky


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