2011 : The Gift Band: Live on Tour

The Gift Band

Disc One

01 : Chaps Of Cockaigny
02 : Fare Thee Well Cold Winter
03 : Boston Burglar
04 : Ukelele Lady / (If Paradise is) Half as Nice
05 : Dreaming
06 : Brother Can You Spare A Dime – Al Bowlly’s in Heaven
07 : Go and Leave me
08 : The Nightingale

Disc Two

01 : Poor Wayfaring Stranger
02 : Joseph Locke
03 : Bunch of Thyme
04 : Fred Astaire
05 : Rose and the Lilly
06 : God Loves a Drunk
07 : Grace Darling
08 : Prairie Lullaby
09 : Shallow Brown

First released in the UK 31 October 2011 by Scarlet Records on CD SR029CD and DVD SR029DVD

Norma Waterson: vocals

Eliza Carthy: vocals, violin, accordion
Martin Carthy: guitar, banjo, vocals
Phil Alexander: piano, accordion, vocals
Aidan Curran: guitar,mandolin, vocals
David Donnelly: double bass, vocals

Recorded Live at the Union Chapel, London, November 2010

Publicity blurb:
On this incredibly intimate live recording Eliza Carthy and Norma Waterson plus Martin Carthy, leading figures on the contemporary folk scene, perform songs from the multi-award winning and best-selling ‘Gift’ album on Topic Records as well as material from Norma Waterson’s solo albums – virtually all of which they haven’t played live before.

Recorded in London’s Union Chapel, and featuring a wonderful performance from Norma, sympathetically supported by Eliza, Martin and the rest of the band, the music is spontaneous and sublime. It’s a unique experience not to be missed by Waterson and Carthy fans both old and new.

The tour in November 2010 was abruptly cut short, not as expected by Eliza’s baby arriving early (she was 8 months pregnant – and magnificent – at the time of the tour!) but by Norma’s sudden and almost fatal illness, that left her hospitalized for the next 8 months. Thankfully she is now back home making a slow but sure recovery, much to everyone’s huge relief.

In Robin Denselow’s 4 star review of the Union Chapel concert in the Guardian he said “Now in her early 70s, (Norma) the lady who heads the most extraordinary folk music dynasty in England was in magnificent voice.” (Amazon)

The Gift Band featuring Norma Waterson, Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy, Phil Alexander and Aidan Curran “It’s hard to stick to just one kind of music,” explained Norma Waterson, as she switched from a soulful gospel song to a grand, brooding ballad by Richard Thompson about the 1940s heart-throb Josef Locke, linking the two with a lengthy story about the songs she heard in her childhood. Now in her early 70s, the lady who heads the most extraordinary folk music dynasty in England was still in magnificent voice. Brought up in Hull by her part-Gypsy grandmother, she began singing with her younger sister and brother, and with them went on to form the traditional group, the Watersons. Then came Waterson: Carthy, in which she was joined by her celebrated husband and daughter, Martin and Eliza Carthy. Earlier this year she and Eliza recorded the album Gift. Now, mother and daughter were on stage together, mixing songs from Gift with material from Norma’s solo albums. With Martin Carthy hidden behind them, playing guitar and banjo in the backing band, they began with the traditional The Chaps of Cockaigny, Eliza providing fiddle backing. They then branched out, from the tragic ballad Boston Burglar, a favourite of Norma’s grandmother, to the novelty song Ukulele Lady, treated with rousing harmonies and jazz backing, and the slow and emotional Dreaming, which Loudon Wainwright wrote for Norma. The finest songs were left to the end. Norma’s gloriously tuneful weepie Bunch of Thyme, Eliza’s charming Prairie Lullaby and the finale, Over the Rainbow, were reminders that this duo can transform even the most well-worn, sentimental songs with their no-nonsense, soulful singing. (Gonzo Media)


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