2014 : The Moral Of The Elephant

Martin Carthy and Eliza Carthy

01 : Her Servant Man
02 : Happiness

03 : Blackwell Merry Night
04 : Queen Caraboo
05 : Grand Conversation on Napoleon
06 : The Elephant
07 : Waking Dreams (Awake, Awake)
08 : Bonny Moorhen
09 : The Queen of Hearts
10 : Monkey Hair
11 : Died For Love

First released in the UK 2 June 2014 by Topic Records TSCD587

Martin Carthy: vocals; guitar
Eliza Carthy: vocals; violin

LINK : Blog Post: Recording “The Moral of the Elephant”


4 Responses to 2014 : The Moral Of The Elephant

  1. Hi Kevin, there’s a tracklist and a cover picture on the usual online stores now.

  2. […] and Eliza’s tour for their new album The Moral Of The Elephant visited the Met Theatre in Bury on 13 […]

  3. […] Bury, Greater Manchester. As with their previous tours, the set followed the track list of their Moral Of The Elephant album fairly closely – all but one song from the album (Queen Of Hearts) was played and only […]

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