2013 : The Folk Vault: Live in Whitby 1984

Martin Carthy

01 : The Green Wedding
02 : Cold, Haily, Windy Night
03 : Lowlands of Holland
04 : Funeral Party
05 : Willie’s Lady
06 : Oor Hamlet


First released in the UK as a download, 20 October 2013 by Delphonic Music DELPH036

Martin Carthy: vocals; guitar

Delphonic Music press blurb:
This is… Martin Carthy With A Vengeance / Martin Carthy: The Man Kicks The Hornet’s Nest / The Carthy Ultimatum / Martin: The Dark Carthy Rises / Martin Carthy 3: The Rescue / Martin Carthy: The Return of the (King/Jedi) / Carthy: This Time It’s Personal / Carthy: The Rise of the Machines / Martin Carthy and The Last Crusade…

…AKA Martin Carthy: Live in Whitby, 1984 – the final installment of the epic three part saga.

This live set from Whitby was recorded during a very interesting time in Martin’s career. He had released the album Out of the Cut back in 1982, but his next solo release, Right of Passage, didn’t come until 1988. In 1984 Martin Carthy was part of a new and unorthodox folk project, Brass Monkey, featuring John Kirkpatrick, Howard Evans (trumpet), Roger Williams (trombone) and Martin Brinsford (harmonica, percussion, saxophone). This release is a glimpse into a rarely heard period of Martin’s solo career.

1. The Green Wedding
A child ballad dating back to 1802 which tells the story of an Edinburgh Squire who courts a farmer’s daughter. The farmer forbids her to see him and insists she marries another. This was the inspiration for Walter Scott’s poem “Young Lochinvar.”

2. Cold, Haily, Windy Night
A traditional song which features on Martin’s 1971 album Landfall. The protagonist comes to a girl’s window in bad weather and begs her to let him in. The girl protests but he convinces her to let him in discreetly.

3. Lowlands of Holland
Originally featuring on Martin’s 1966 aptly named ‘Second Album’, this traditional song, dating back to 1760, sees a young woman have her husband forced from her to fight a war.

4. Funeral Party
A previously unreleased song which has been a feature of Martin’s live sets.

5. Willie’s Lady
Originally featured on his 1976 album Crown of Horn. Dating back to 1783,the story goes that Willie traveled to woo and wed a wife. His mother, not approving of the bride, decides to cast spells to ensure that she will never bear a child. Willie then tricks his mother into believing the baby has been born, and the mother blurts out the way to lift the spell. This is, as Martin professes in this recording, his favourite ballad.

6. Oor Hamlet
A brilliant summary of the Shakespeare play.



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