2013 : The Folk Vault: Live in St Albans 1973

Folk Vault Martin Carthy

01 : Johnny Sands
02 : Three Jolly Sneaksmen
03 : John Barleycorn
04 : Skewbald
05 : The Rainbow
06 : Brigg Fair
07 : Creeping Jane

First released in the UK as a download, 1 May 2013 by Delphonic DELPH020

Martin Carthy: vocals; guitar

Delphonic Music press blurb:
The first in a series of exclusive releases from Martin Carthy, featuring performances spanning three decades from Folk venues around the UK, comes live from the St Albans Folk Club in 1973. These re-mastered tracks are now, for the first time, available to download and stream online. Martin is one of the greatest and most influential figures in folk and traditional music, inspiring contemporaries such as Bob Dylan and Paul Simon and later artists such as Richard Thompson. This album is a must have for any fan of traditional folk music.

READ BLOG ENTRY: “Martin Carthy live in 1973: New download album”


2 Responses to 2013 : The Folk Vault: Live in St Albans 1973

  1. […] Sands (on Live in St Albans, 1973) was on the 2011 live album The January Man: Live in Belfast, 1978 and appears on an obscure BBC […]

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