2013 : The Best Of Live

brass Monkey celebration

Brass Monkey

Disc 1 (CD):

01 : The Old Grenadier
02 : The Swinton May Song
03 : George’s Son
04 : Morris Tune; the Rose; Trunkles
05 : The Jolly Bold Robber
06 : The Trowie Burn
07 : The Friar in the Well
08 : Auretti’s Dutch Skipper; An Adventure a Margate; the Spirit of the Dance
09 : The Lichfield Tattoo; Radstock Jig; Battle Of Prague
10 : The Maid of Australia
11 : The Brisk Young Widow
12 : The King’s Hunt
13 : Willie the Waterboy
14 : Happy Hours
15 : The Duke of Wellington’s March
16 : The Maid & the Palmer
17 : The Queen’s Birthday; Maiden Lane

Disc 2 (DVD):

01 : The Old Grenadier
02 : George’s Son
03 : Morris Tune; the Rose; Trunkles
04 : The Jolly Bold Robber
05 : The Trowie Burn
06 : The Friar in the Well
07 : The Lichfield Tattoo; Radstock Jig; Battle of Prague
08 : Auretti’s Dutch Skipper; An Adventure at Margate; the Spirit of the Dance
09 : The Spirit of the Dance
10 : The Brisk Young Widow
11 : The Maid of Australia
12 : The King’s Hunt
13 : Soldier, Soldier; the Flowers of Edinburgh
14 : Willie the Waterboy
15 : Happy Hours
16 : The Duke of Wellington’s March
17 : The Maid & the Palmer
18 : The Queen’s Birthday; Maiden Lane

brass Monkey celebration

First released in the UK 19 March 2013 by Park Records PRKCD125

Martin Carthy: vocals; guitar; mandolin
John Kirkpatrick: vocals; button accordion; Anglo concertina
Martin Brinsford: harmonica; percussion
Paul Archibald: trumpets; flugelhorn
Shane Brennan: trumpets; flugelhorn
Roger Williams: trombone; euphonium

Brass Monkey’s live sound by John Eeles of Spadger Sound
Sound recorded by Gareth Fox Williams from Kinetic
Mixed and mastered by Bob Prowse at Park Media studio
Album co-ordination by John Dagnell
Thanks to Bob Rushton at Derby Assembly Rooms and Mick Peat at PR Promotions
Photos by Sam Urquhart
Design by Gwen Morgan

Sleeve Notes:
We’ve worked out that it’s thirty years since five of us first appeared under the name ‘Brass Monkey’. Before that, there was a duo with Mssrs Carthy & Kirkpatrick ranging around for a couple of years, which grew into a trio with trumpeter Howard Evans, which eventually grew into a quintet with Martin Brinsford and Roger Williams. For a while there would be a random selection of threes, fours and fives from gig to gig, but once we’d hit on our glorious title, Brass Monkey always meant all five of us.

In the early 1980s we were everywhere, and the unique combination of folk instruments with brass carried all before it. Brass Monkey had a sound and an approach to traditional music that could not be mistaken for anyone else’s. After releasing our first LP in 1983 we took English culture to the Far East for the British Council, and toured extensively round England. For a while Roger’s other work drew him away, and Richard Cheetham took over on trombone. With that line up we made LP no 2 and toured Canada and America, and kept the flag flying back home.

Gradually, the gigs became a little rarer, and our other commitments, and the cost of touring a five piece band, meant that not only did we not always play that often, but we even had a few years of not playing at all. After a period becalmed in the doldrums with just an occasional festival appearance to keep us ticking over, we fired up again at full blast in 1997. Following Richard’s move abroad at the end of the 1990s Roger came back to the fold on trombone and euphonium.

Everything was settling down again into a reasonably regular routine of albums and tours, when in 2004 Howard Evans was taken ill during one of our gigs and had to leave the stage. We finished the tour as a four-piece, expecting him to recover and rejoin us, but sadly this was not to be. Howard would never play again, and eventually died in 2006. We weren’t sure whether we could, or should, carry on without him. We tentatively did a small number of forays as a four-piece, but quickly realised that this way madness lies. So in 2009, Roger’s old pal Paul Archibald came in with his glorious trumpet playing to bring us back up to our full compliment, and the world was our lobster.

When Paul’s many commitments (take a deep breath and look up his dazzling web-site – we are not worthy….) caused an occasional absence, he sent along a former student of his – Shane Brennan. We all thought this would be a ghastly idea, until we saw how brilliantly and effortlessly Shane did the business.

For our April tour this year – 2012 – and the festival appearances during the summer, both Paul and Shane have been on stage to make Brass Monkey a six-piece band. There can surely be no better way to celebrate this milestone. We’ve tickled up a few old hits with new arrangements to explore our full resources, as well as re-vamping some of the current repertoire. It’s thrilling that these recordings capture this magical point in the band’s development. For us, this anniversary package marks the start of a whole new phase. Newly energized, more vibrant than ever, Brass Monkey now looks forward to a bright, exciting, and, above all, loud future!



Brass Monkey interview:

The Friar In The Well (live):


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