2010 : Return Of A Stranger [1961]

Ensemble cast

First released in the UK on DVD 24 May 2010 by Pegasus Entertainment DANDVD015

Cast and credits:

John Ireland : Ray Reed
Susan Stephen : Pam Reed
Cyril Shaps : Homer Trent
Timothy Beaton : Tommy Reed
Patrick McAlinney : Whittaker
Martin Carthy : Lift Boy

Director: Max Varnel

Duration: 60 mins

This is the first DVD release of Carthy’s earliest known screen appearance. It’s an interesting if pedestrian thriller in which a comfortably well-off middle class couple’s life is thrown into turmoil by the unexpected return of a character from the wife’s secret past. Carthy’s appearance is brief (little more than 30 seconds) and fairly inconsequential but at least he gets a couple of lines as he gamely demonstrates his catalogue of comedy faces.

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Amazon product description and synopsis:

The serene life of Pam and John Allen is rocked to its core when a mysterious man begins stalking their every move with late night phone calls, sudden appearances and sinister behaviour. It transpires that the man, Homer Trent, was a part of Pam’s early life when she was brought up at an orphanage and has spent the last few years in prison for her rape. Now free, Trent is intent on taking back what he believes to be his property Pam.

In this spooky thriller, a young couple is harassed by a vengeful mental patient who has recently been released from the hospital. The psychopathic fellow is out for revenge against the woman whom he attacked years before when she was a school girl.


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