2009 : Head of Steam

Brass Monkey

01 : The Moldovian Schottische / The Snowdrop Polka
02 : The Press Gang
03 : The Barbados Lady
04 : Lichfield Tattoo / The Radstack Jig / The Quickstep from ‘The Battle of Prague’
05 : The Trees They Do Grow High
06 : Banbury Bill / The Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket / The Beaux of London City / Hunt the Squirrel
07 : Bold Archer / Dearest Dicky
08 : The Red Lion Hornpipe
09 : The Loss of the Ramillies
10 : Nelson, the Fallen Hero / The Death of Nelson

First released in the UK 2009 by Topic Records TSCD575

Dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and colleague Howard Evans

Paul Archibald: trumpets, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, chorus vocals
Martin Brinsford: percussion, harmonica, saxophone, chorus vocals
Martin Carthy: guitar, vocals
John Kirkpatrick: button accordion, Anglo concertina, melodeon, vocals
Roger Williams: bass and tenor trombones, euphonium, chorus vocals

Recorded at the Old Vicarage, Bussage, Gloucestershire, in October 2008, by Oliver Knight of Panda Sound
Mixed by Oliver Knight & John Kirkpatrick at Panda Sound, Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire
Produced by John Kirkpatrick

Photography by Peter Stevens
Design by the Art Surgery

Paul Archibald plays Eclipse trumpets
Roger Williams plays Michael Rath trombones

Listen to Martin talk about “Head of Steam” on BBC Radio 2:


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  1. […] re-recorded to eight, the others being “The Trees They Do Grow High” with Brass Monkey (Head Of Steam, 2009); “Sovay” with Brass Monkey (Brass Monkey, 1983) and with Dave Swarbrick (Life […]

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