2008 (c.) : The Battle of Waterloo [1983]

Ensemble Cast

Probably released circa 2008. No label. No Cat. No.

Cast and credits:

Warren Clarke : Slewpot
Dave Atkins : Bamber
Peter Benson : Sniffer
Dai Bradley : Ferris
Martin Carthy : Wolfhound
Martin Carthy : Ballad Singer

Produced and directed by Robin Midgley
The Battle Of Waterloo was written by Keith Dewhurst

© BBC Pebble Mill 1983

Strictly speaking this DVD of dubious legality (actually, let’s be honest – it’s a bootleg) is not a Carthy release but is included here as it’s the only known release of the 1983 TV play that was transmitted live from BBC Pebble Mill studios on 13/02/1983 and is sometimes referred to as “Live From Pebble Mill”.

This is clearly a transfer from a contemporary VHS recording of the programme so the quality is less than perfect but it’s certainly watchable. Carthy plays Wolfhound and has relatively few lines compared to his fellow actors but acquits himself well nevertheless. The real interest for Carthy fans comes from his two brief performances of “The Eighteenth of June” at the beginning and end of the play.


3 Responses to 2008 (c.) : The Battle of Waterloo [1983]

  1. Paul Russell says:

    O.M.G…..I can’t believe you have uploaded Martin singing in “The Battle of Waterloo” I played Drummer Dibbs in this play & it is so great just being able to see your clip after all these years. Thank you so much

  2. Ian Knight says:

    Where can I buy this DVD from please?

    • Kevin Boyd says:

      Hi Ian. As I say in the notes, this release isn’t strictly legal so you’re unlikely to pick if up from any legit retailer. Best option is to check eBay on a regular basis.

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