2005 : At Ruskin Mill

Martin Carthy


01 : Introduction by Sue Smee
02 : Jackie Tar
03 : Green Broom
04 : The Cuckoo’s Nest
05 : The Foggy Dew
06 : Bill Norrie
07 : The Royal Lament (plus mistakes!)
08 : Willie’s Lady

CD 2:

01 : Jack Rowland
02 : Princess Royal
03 : Christ Made a Trance
04 : Georgie
05 : Lochmaben Harper
06 : Two Retreats
07 : Oor Hamlet
08 : Famous Flower of Serving Men
09:  The Devil and the Feathery Wife
10 : The Harry Lime Theme

First released in the UK 2005 by Musical Tradition Records MTCD403-4

The Richard Valentine benefit concert: Published in a limited edition of just 200 as a charitable venture and no longer available. The track list is a fair representation of Carthy’s then-current solo live repertoire with a handful of rarely heard (on record, at least) songs and tunes.

Martin Carthy: vocal, guitar

Recorded at Ruskin Mill, Nailsworth, Glosestershire on December 4 2004
Produced by Rod Stradling


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