2003 : The Lark in the Morning

Steeleye Span


01 : A Calling-On Song
02 : The Blacksmith
03 : Fisherman’s Wife
04 : The Blackleg Miner
05 : The Dark-Eyed Sailor
06 : Copshawholme Fair
07 : All Things Are Quite Silent
08 : The Hills of Greenmore
09 : My Johnny Was a Shoemaker
10 : Lowlands of Holland
11 : Twa Corbies
12 : One Night As I Lay on My Bed
13 : The Blacksmith
14 : Cold, Haily, Windy Night
15 : Jigs: Bryan O’Lynn / The Hag with the Money
16 : Prince Charlie Stuart
17 : Boys of Bedlam
18 : False Knight on the Road


01 : The Lark in the Morning
02 : Female Drummer
03 : The King
04 : Lovely on the Water
05 : Rave On
06 : Gower Wassail
07 : Jigs: Paddy Clancy’s Jig / Willie Clancy’s Fancy
08 : Four Nights Drunk
09 : When I Was on Horseback
10 : Marrowbones
11 : Captain Coulston
12 : Reels: Dowd’s Favourite / £10 Float / The Morning Dew
13 : Wee Weaver
14 : Skewball
15 : General Taylor

First released in the UK 2003 by Castle Music CMDDD 781

CD1 tracks 1-12:
Tim Hart:  vocals, electric guitar, 5-string banjo, electric dulcimer, fiddle, harmonium
Ashley Hutchings: electric bass
Maddy Prior: vocals, step dancing, 5-string banjo
Gay Woods: vocals, autoharp, concertina, bodhrán, step dancing
Terry Woods: vocals, mandola, electric guitar, 5-string banjo, concertina, mandolin
Gerry Conway: drums (2-3 & 5-8)
Dave Mattacks: drums (4 & 10-12)

All other tracks:
Maddy Prior: vocals, spoons, tabor, tambourine, bells
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar, banjo, organ, bells
Tim Hart: vocals, guitar, dulcimer, bells, organ, five string banjo, mandolin
Ashley Hutchings: vocals, bass guitar, bells
Peter Knight: vocals, fiddle, mandolin, organ, bass guitar, bells, tenor banjo, timpani

CD1 tracks 1-12:
Produced by Vic Gamm, Sound Techniques

All other tracks:
Produced by Sandy Roberton for September Productions Ltd.

Additional information:
Numerous compilations of Steeleye’s 1970-71 lineup exist on all formats but this is the only one to include their entire output from that period and is nicely remastered. The tracks are from the following sources:

CD1 tracks 1-12:
The entire pre-Carthy era album “Hark! The Village Wait”

CD1 tracks 13-18 and CD2 tracks 1-4:
The entire “Please To See The King” album

CD2 tracks 6-14:
The entire “Ten Man Mop” album

CD2 track 5:
The much-anthologised ‘cleaned up’ two verse version of “Rave On”

CD2 track 15:
An outtake from the “Ten Man Mop” sessions that’s since appeared on a number of compilations.


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