2002 : Shining Bright

The Songs of Lal & Mike Waterson

01 : Bright Phoebus
John Pashley’s Phoenix New Orleans Parade Band
02 : Evona Darling
Linda & Teddy Thompson
03 : Scarecrow
Dick Gaughan
04 : Never The Same
Martin Carthy
05 : Song For Thirza
Norma Waterson
06 : Piper’s Path
Christy Moore
07 : Child Among The Weeds
The Eliza Carthy Band
08 : Shine
Helen Watson
09 : Danny Rose
Billy Bragg & The Blokes
10 : Winifer Odd
Maddy Prior
11 : Marvellous Companion
Christine Collister
12 : One Of Those Days
Kate Brislin
13 : Fine Horseman
14 : Red Wine Promises
Richard Thompson
15 : Bright Phoebus
Blue Murder

First released in the UK 2002 by Topic Records TSCD 519

Also issued in alternate cover (possibly promotional copies only)

Produced by David Suff for Deep Sea
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Country Masters
Design and Illustration by John Haxby

I’m deeply indebted to the extended Waterson family for all their trust and faith – and a special doff of the hat to Oliver Knight.
Thanks are also due to Georgina Boyes, Shirley Collins, Tony Engle, Edward Haber, Richard Hoare, Ken Hunt, Nigel Morton and Judie Smith – David Suff

Sleeve Notes:
In 1972 Mike and Lal Waterson released an extraordinary album of their original songs – Bright Phoebus – on Bill Leader’s Trailer label. This magical collection of very English song writing has long been acknowledged a classic and one of the finest achievements of the British folk revival. Inexplicably Bright Phoebus was out of print for many years.

Shining Bright was conceived to pay tribute to Mike and Lal’s remarkable songs and draws upon the songs recorded for Bright Phoebus and a further dozen songs written at the same time but not previously recorded. Shining Bright has fifteen new recordings by some of the folk world’s finest performers. In such high esteem is the song writing of Mike and Lal held that we soon had a queue of performers eager to contribute to this collection.
David Suff


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