2001 : Going & Staying

Brass Monkey

01 : Put The Road In Order
02 : The Doffing Mistress
03 : The Cornish Quickstep / The Pleasure Gardens Polka
04 : The Pigeon On The Gate / The Primrose Lass
05 : Heather Down The Moor
06 : The Holborne Suite
07 : The Fruit Of Love / The Choise / The Honie-Suckle
08 : A Maiden Sat A-Weeping
09 : Gathering Peascods / The Rose Tree / Jerusalem
10 : The Crockery Ware
11 : Four Bacup Tunes
12 : Going And Staying

First released in the UK 2001 by Topic Records TSCD531

Martin Carthy: guitar, mandolin, vocals
John Kirkpatrick: treble, baritone and bass Anglo concertinas, melodeon, button accordion, vocals
Howard Evans: trumpet
Martin Brinsford: c-melody saxophone, mouth-organ, drums, percussion
Roger Williams: bass trombone, tuba
Richard Cheetham: tenor trombone, sackbutt

Recorded by Oliver Knight at Martin Brinsford’s house in Bussage, Gloucestershire, June 2001

Mixed by John Kirkpatrick and Oliver Knight at Panda Sound, Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire, September 2001
Produced by John Kirkpatrick
Original photographs: Tom Howard
Art direction: Tony Engle
Design, photo manipulation: John Haxby


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