2000 : Both Ears and the Tail

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick

01 : The Leitrim Fancy / Drowsy Maggie / Staten Island / The Corbie and the Craw / High Germany
02 : Fair Maid on the Shore
03 : Porcupine Rag
04 : The Bonny Black Hare
05 : Sovay (The Female Highwayman)
06 : The Barmaid / Peter St. / The Mason’s Apron
07 : The Broomfield Hill
08 : The Wind That Shakes the Barley
09 : The Hen’s March / The Four Poster Bed
10 : Man of Newlyn Town
11 : Dill Pickles Rag
12 : The Two Magicians
13 : The Kid on the Mountain / The Donegal / The Swallow Tail / The Marquis of Tullybardine

First release in the UK 2000 by Atrax Records ATRAX RECS 002

Reissued 2007 by Topic Records TSCD572

Both Ears Japan 2

Also released on CD in Japan with Obi strip 11 November 2007 by Rice Records TPR5062

Recorded live at the Folkus Folk Club on June 16 1966, this set reflects the duo’s instrumental-heavy live repertoire from this period. The songs come from “Martin Carthy” and “Second Album” which would already have been released,  and “Byker Hill” which wouldn’t be recorded until the following year. The majority of the tunes would appear (often in different combinations) on Swarbrick’s “Rags, Reels and Airs” in 1967.

Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar
Dave Swarbrick: fiddle, mandolin

Recorded live at The Folkus Folk Club, Nottingham 1966
Production for Topic Records by Tony Engle
Original production and engineering by Dave Swarbrick from an original live recording by Keith Brake

All tracks Traditional, arr. Martin Carthy / Dave Swarbrick except:
4 & 12:  Charles L. Johnson

Atrax Records publicity blurb:
Swarb and Martin have released a live album. The unusual thing about this one is that it was recorded in 1966 in Nottingham and includes their experience of travelling to the gig on a train that ran over a cow! References were made at the time to awarding the driver both ears and the tail, hence the title. Martin’s notes are poignant and witty and the whole project was made possible by the sound engineer from the gig, Keith Brake, who had kept the tape in immaculate condition for 34 years.

Topic Records blurb:
One of the great duos of all time, Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick joined up in early spring 1966 as a performing unit. They were an immediate hit, becoming overnight the most popular group in the burgeoning folk club scene in Britain. Both Ears and the Tail was recorded live at the Folkus Folk Club in Nottingham in 1966 in the first flush of their success with both audience and performers hardly able to catch their breath.

This recording only came to light in recent times and it is astonishing in its fire and clarity. Many of the songs performed that night are to be found on the early Martin Carthy albums, but, on stage, the interplay between Martin and Dave virtually re-wrote all the material. This is a real live experience and an opportunity to “be there on the night”.


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