1999 : Broken Ground


01 : Raggle Taggle Gipsies
02 : The Bay of Biscay
03 : Sheffield Waltz/Waltz Clog / The Wounded Hussar
04 : The Lion’s Den
05 : Fare Thee Well Cold Winter
06 : Rowling Hornpipe / Our Cat has Kitted / Bleaton Gardens / The Sportsman’s Hornpipe
07 : The Foresaken Mermaid
08 : We Poor Labouring Men
09 : The Ditchling Carol
10 : Dorrington Lads / Adam a’Bell
11 : The Royal Forester / The Bald Headed End of the Broom

First released in the UK 1999 by Topic Records TSCD509

Norma Waterson: triangle & vocals
Eliza Carthy: fiddle viola & vocals
Martin Carthy: guitar & vocals
Saul Rose: melodeons & vocals

Ben Ivitsky: low whistle [2], viola [10a]
The Phoenix New Orleans Parade Band [11b]

Engineered by Oliver Knight at Panda Sound, Robin Hood’s Bay
Produced by Oliver Knight
Executive producer Tony Engle

Original photography by Tom Howard
Digital design by John Haxby


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