1997 : Common Tongue


01 : Rambleaway / Valentine Waltz
02 : Claudy Banks
03 : Rackabello
04 : Lowlands of Holland
05 : Grand March in the Battle of Prague / Liverpool Hornpipe / Wellington Hornpipe
06 : Meeting is a Pleasure
07 : Hares in the Old Plantation
08 : Flash Company
09 : Maid Lamenting
10 : American Stranger
11 : French Stroller
12 : Polly’s Love
13 : Stars in My Crown

First released in the UK 1997 by Topic Records TSCD488 (CD) and KTSC488 (cassette)

Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar, mandolin
Norma Waterson: vocals
Eliza Carthy: vocals, fiddle

Saul Rose: melodeon on Rambleaway, Valentine Waltz, Rackabello, Lowlands of Holland, Wellington Hornpipe, Flash Company and vocals on Stars in My Crown.

MacLaine Colston: hammered dulcimer on Lowlands of Holland and Liverpool & Wellington Hornpipes

Barnaby Stradling: bass on Rackabello, Lowlands of Holland and Liverpool & Wellington Hornpipes

Lal Waterson and Maria Gilhooley sing with Norma and Eliza (The Waterdaughters) on American Stranger and on Rackabello. On Stars in My Crown they sing with the addition of Mike Waterson and Eleanor Waterson

Produced by Tony Engle
Recorded by Panda Sound at Robin Hood’s Bay
Engineered and mixed by Oliver Knight with thanks to Ray Williams

Photography by Tom Howard
Digital Design by John Haxby @art.surgery.


One Response to 1997 : Common Tongue

  1. […] a little stingy then Waterson:Carthy fare even worse with the inclusion of just two tracks, “Rackabello” (1997) and “Christ Made A Trance” (2004), the latter being essentially a solo […]

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