1983 : Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey

Side One:

01 : Waterman’s Hornpipe
02 : Fable of the Wings
03 : The Miller’s Three Sons
04 : The Maid & the Palmer

Side Two:

01 : Bad News
02 : Sovay
03 : Tip-Top Hornpipe / Primrose Polka
04 : Jolly Bold Robber
05 : Old Grenadier

First released in the UK 1983 by Topic Records 12TS431

Re-issued as tracks 1 to 9 of the compilation “The Complete Brass Monkey” 1993 by Topic Records TSCD467

Martin Carthy: guitar, mandolin, vocals
John Kirkpatrick: Anglo-concertina, melodeon, button accordion, vocals
Howard Evans: trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
Martin Brinsford: c-melody saxophone, mouth-organ, percussion
Roger Williams: trombone, vocals

Produced and recorded by Jerry Boys at Livingston Studios, London


2 Responses to 1983 : Brass Monkey

  1. […] that the omissions here are perhaps more striking than the inclusions. We do however get “Sovay” and the straight up classic “The Maid And The Palmer” from their 1983 debut and […]

  2. […] Do Grow High” with Brass Monkey (Head Of Steam, 2009); “Sovay” with Brass Monkey (Brass Monkey, 1983) and with Dave Swarbrick (Life & Limb, 1990); “Ye Mariners All” with […]

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