1980 : Lark Rise To Candleford

Keith Dewhurst & The Albion Band

01 : The Girl I Left Behind Me
02 : Lemady / Arise and Pick a Posy
Martin Carthy: lead vocal. Guitar solo: Doug Morter
03 : All of a Row
Martin Carthy: lead vocal
04 : Tommytoes
John Tams: lead vocal. Martin Simpson: banjo. John Kirkpatrick: concertina
05 : John Dory
06 : Witch Elder
Shirley Collins: lead vocal
07 : All of a Row (reprise)
08 : Abroad for Pleasure
Bill Caddick: lead vocal
09 : The Day Thou Gavest
10 : Battle of the Somme
Ashley Hitchings: calls. John Tams: melodeon. Martin Carthy: jaws harp. John Kirkpatrick: concertina
11 : The Grand Circle Dance
John Kirkpatrick: melodeon. Howard Evans: trumpet. Steve Saunders: euphonium
12 : Speed the Plough
13 : Snow Falls
John Tams: lead vocal
14 : Cart Music
15 : The Holly and the Ivy
16 : The Postman’s Knock
John Kirkpatrick: lead vocal
17 : Hunt Music
John Kirkpatrick: accordian. Howard Evans: trumpet
18 : The Scarlet and the Blue
John Tams: lead vocal. Bill Caddick: lead vocal. Brian Protheroe: piano
19 : Dare to Be a Daniel
John Tams: lead vocal. Bill Caddick: lead vocal (verse 2). Graeme Taylor: guitar solo
10 : Jacob’s Well
21 : Jacob’s Well (reprise)

First released in the UK 1980 by Charisma CDS4020 (vinyl) and 7144-077 (cassette).

Issued on CD 1991 by Charisma CDSCD4020

Re-issued on CD 2006 by Talking Elephant TECD097

Deluxe Edition CD issued 2008 by Talking Elephant TECD123

The Albion Band:
Pete Bullock: keyboards
Bill Caddick: vocals, triangle
Martin Carthy: vocals
Shirley Collins: vocals
Howard Evans: trumpet, flugelhorn
Michael Gregory: drums
Ashley Hutchings: bass guitar, vocals
John Kirkpatrick: vocals, button accordian, concertina, melodeon
Doug Morter: electric guitar
Brian Protheroe: vocals, keyboards
Steve Saunders: trombone, euphonium, tuba
Martin Simpson: banjo
John Tams: vocals, melodeon, hamonica
Graeme Taylor: electric guitar, vocals

Laura: Valerie Whittington
Pumpkin: Brian Protheroe
Boamer: Bill Caddick
Jerry Parish: John Tams
The Vicar: Brian Protheroe
Edmund Timms: Paul Davies-Prowles
Laura’s Father, Albert: Brian Protheroe
Thomas Brown, Postman: Martin Carthy
Laura’s Husband, John: Brian Protheroe

Lark Rise To Candlford by Laura Thompson
Published by Oxford University Press and in paperback as a Penguin Modern Classic
Plays by Keith Dewhurst
Published by Hutchinson Publications
Stage Productions:
Adapted by Keith Dewhurst
Directed by Bill Bryden and Sebastian Graham-Jones at the National Theatre Of Great Britain
The Album:
Narrative by Keith Dewhurst
Produced by Nic Rowley
Associate producers: Ashley Hutchings, John Tams
Executive producers: Michael McDonagh, Alexandra Cann for the Regents Park Recording Company
Recorded in the spring and summer of 1980 at the Regents Park Recording Company Studios, St Johns Wood, London
Sound engineer: Alan Jakoby
Cover design: Chess Creative
Front cover photography: Roger Perry
Inside pictures: Michael Mayhew, Brian Windsor


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