1978 : Live At Last!

Steeleye Span

01 : The Atholl Highlanders / Walter Bulwer’s Polka
02 : Saucy Sailor / Black Freighter
03 : The Maid And The Palmer
04 : Hunting The Wren
05 : Montrose
06 : Bonnets So Blue
07 : The False Knight On The Road

First released in the UK 1978 by Chrysalis CHR 1199

Also released in 1978 in the USA by Chrysalis Records on 8-track cartridge 8CH 1199 with the same tracks but in the following order (Montrose and The Atholl Highlanders / Walter Bulwer’s Polka are each split over two programs):

Montrose (Part I)
Montrose (Part II)

Hunting The Wren
Rag Doll
The Atholl Highlanders / Walter Bulwer’s Polka (Part I)
The Atholl Highlanders / Walter Bulwer’s Polka (Part II)
Saucy Sailor / Black Freighter (from “The Three Penny Opera”)

The Maid And The Palmer
The False Knight On The Road

Re-issued on CD 1997 by BGO Records BGOCD 342

Maddy Prior: vocals
Rick Kemp: bass
Tim Hart: vocals, guitar
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar
Nigel Pegrum: drums
John Kirkpatrick: vocals, accordion

Recorded live at the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, 7th March 1978
Engineered by Mike Thompson at the Maison Rouge Mobile Studio
Mixed by Tim Hart and Mike Thompson at Wessex Studios, London
Concert sound by Scott “Colac” Thompson
Concert lighting by Clive “Colac” Davies
Tea and tuck by Hazel Tether
Road crew: Andy Banks, John Wilford, Patrick Whitley

Sleeve notes:

Eighty years ago a collection of worthy gentlefolk formed the English Folk Song Society with the intention of collecting and protecting our diminishing heritage of traditional music from the ravages of popular song.

Eight years ago a collection of musicians formed a group called Steeleye Span with the intention of taking this well preserved music, revitalising it and putting it back into the world of popular song.

We were told it couldn’t be done; that traditional songs and ballads, mummers plays, sword dances and morris dances had no place in the world of rock; that they were relics of the past with no relevance outside of folk clubs and universities.

We proved them wrong with a gold album, five silver albums, two hit singles and concert success in America, Australiasia and Europe as well as Great Britain.

This then is our eleventh and final album. Steeleye Span amicably disbanded five days after making this recording for reasons that are irrelevant here. It is the music that counts and it has proved to be timeless, indestructable and, curiously enough, popular.
Tim Hart

Additional information:

Reinhard Zierke’s Mainly Norfolk lists the following versions:

Chrysalis CHR 1199 (LP, US / Canada, 1978)
Phonogram/Chrysalis 6307 639 (LP, Germany, 1978)
Ariola/Chrysalis 202.749-320 (LP, Germany, 1978)

Reinhard also gives details and track lists for the US and Canadian releases which ommit “Bonnets So Blue” but add a final track, “Rag Doll” – a 1972 (post-Carthy era) studio recording.


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