1978 : “Folkweave” BBC Transcription Disc

Martin Carthy / Muggin’s Fancy / Tom Tiddler’s Ground

Side One:

Opening cue
01 : The Bed Making
02 : The Worcestershire Wedding
03 : Bruton Town
04 : Lumps Of Plumb Pudding / Three Around Three
05 : Johnny Sands
06 : January Man
Closing cue

Side Two:

Muggin’s Fancy (unaccompanied singing group led by Geoff Parton) recorded live at Stoke-on-Trent Folk Club and Tom Tiddlers Ground (Trio from Lancashire) recorded live at the Loughborough Festival. Track details unknown.

Not commercially available. Issued in very limited numbers in 1978 by the BBC Transcription Service 142866-S


BBC Transcription Service CN2977/S. STEREO
Made in England 1978

Side One includes tracks recorded at the Cambridge Folk Festival (either 1977 or 1978) and introduced by Toni Arthur for the “Folkweave” radio programme. “Folkweave” was a BBC Radio 2 programme broadcast from Manchester in the late-1970s and originally presented by Tony Capstick. I’ve been unable to trace a broadcast date for the original programme but this disc is dated 1978.

BBC Transcription Service albums were limited pressings of BBC music programmes – usually live recordings – that would be shipped to numerous radio stations worldwide for broadcast purposes. Very few original discs still exist (although lots of pirated copies are in circulation) as they were intended to be destroyed after use and the BBC object to their sale as they still claim ownership of the original discs.

This disc, along with a number of others featuring different artists, surfaced in Australia in 2011. The surviving recording features an introduction by Toni Arthur rather than Capstick and I suspect these recordings were edited versions of the original UK radio programmes with new introductions for the international audience. The possibility therefore remains that a longer recording of this concert exists.

It’s unclear whether this was recorded in 1977 or 1978 because although the disc is clearly dated 1978 a similar disc bearing the same reference (CN2977/S) and also published in 1978 features Ralph McTell but was apparently recorded at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 1977.

This album and other similar BBC Transcription Service discs are discussed in this Mudcat thread


4 Responses to 1978 : “Folkweave” BBC Transcription Disc

  1. CJB says:

    I bought the one of the Chieftains and gave it to my good step-danxing friend Michael Tubridy. The seller – one Ben in Sydney – also did a set of CDs for me of all the other discs!!

  2. CJB says:

    Additionally I have just acquired a Transcription Disk of “London Folk Song Cellar.” The artistes likely include:

    The label pictured with number 115638 is side 1 of a programme that should contain:

    Bob Rundle. Heel and toe polka (frag.)
    The Four Folk. The Derby ram
    The Four Folk. Old lady all skin and bone
    The Four Folk. All for me grog
    Felicity Johnson. When I was no’ but sweet sixteen
    Robin Hall & Jimmy MacGregor. The Calton weaver
    Martin Carthy. The whistling thief
    Martin Carthy. Scarborough Fair
    Martin Carthy. A-begging I will go

  3. Chris J Brady says:

    I upload some comments about Transcription Discs here – but the message seems to have gotten deleted or removed or ignored?!!! I have Beeb tracks of Carthy that aren’t inluded here.

    • Kevin Boyd says:

      Hi Chris.
      Apologies – your earlier comments now approved (been a busy week). I’d be interested to know more about the Folk Song Cellar disc if you can provide details.
      Cheers, Kev

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