1972 : Bright Phoebus

Songs by Lal and Mike Waterson

01 : Rubber Band
02 : The Scarecrow
03 : Fine Horseman
04 : Winifer Odd
05 : Danny Rose
06 : Child Among The Weeds
07 : The Magical Man
08 : Never The Same
09 : To Make You Stay
10 : Shady Lady
11 : Red Wine And Promises
12 : Bright Phoebus

First released in the UK 1972 by Trailer Records LES 2076

Re-issued on CD-R 2000 by Trailer/Leader LESCD 2076

Mike, Lal & Norma Waterson, Tim Hart, Maddy Prior, Bob Davenport, Martin Carthy, Gordon Graham, Bernie Vickers: vocals
Richard Thompson: acoustic and electric guitars
Martin Carthy: acoustic guitar
Ashley Hutchings: bass guitar
Dave Mattacks: drums
Sammy Rimmington: claranet
Dennis Field: cornet
Keith Nicholls: trombone
Tim Hart: tambourine
Richard Gold: rubber band
Bill Leader: jews harp
Clare Deniz: cello
Sue Kirkpatrick: oboe

Recorded and produced by Bill Leader, Leader Sound Studios
Production master by Nic Kinsey, Livingston Studios
Sleeve by Janet Kerr

Listen to “Lost Albums: Bright Phoebus”

2 Responses to 1972 : Bright Phoebus

  1. […] and singing with the re-formed Watersons for a couple of years and with the exception of the “Bright Phoebus” project, all of The Watersons previous recordings had been released through Topic Records, […]

  2. […] the album “Bright Phoebus” Released in the UK 1972 by Trailer Records LES […]

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