1972 : Bright Phoebus

Songs by Lal and Mike Waterson

01 : Rubber Band
02 : The Scarecrow
03 : Fine Horseman
04 : Winifer Odd
05 : Danny Rose
06 : Child Among The Weeds
07 : The Magical Man
08 : Never The Same
09 : To Make You Stay
10 : Shady Lady
11 : Red Wine Promises
12 : Bright Phoebus

Additional tracks on the 2017 Domino Records two disc reissue:
The 1971 Demos

01 : Danny Rose
02 : Fine Horseman
03 : Winifer Odd
04 : Child Among The Weeds
05 : Magical Man
06 : Bright Phoebus
07 : Red Wine Promises
08 : Song For Thirza
09 : The Scarecrow
10 : Never The Same
11 : One Of Those Days
12 : Jack Frost

First released in the UK 1972 by Trailer Records LES 2076


7″ single “Rubber Band” b/w Red Wine and Promises” issued in the UK 1972 by Transatlantic Records BIG 507


Reissued by Trailer on the Highway imprint, date unknown but probably mid-1980s LES2076

Re-issued on CD-R 2000 by Trailer/Leader LESCD 2076


Reissued by Domino Records on one disc vinyl (REWIGLP102), two disc vinyl (REWIGLP102X) and two disc CD (REWIGCD102X) 4 August 2017.

Mike, Lal & Norma Waterson, Tim Hart, Maddy Prior, Bob Davenport, Martin Carthy, Gordon Graham, Bernie Vickers: vocals
Richard Thompson: acoustic and electric guitars
Martin Carthy: acoustic guitar
Ashley Hutchings: bass guitar
Dave Mattacks: drums
Sammy Rimmington: claranet
Dennis Field: cornet
Keith Nicholls: trombone
Tim Hart: tambourine
Richard Gold: rubber band
Bill Leader: jews harp
Clare Deniz: cello
Sue Kirkpatrick: oboe

Recorded and produced by Bill Leader, Leader Sound Studios
Production master by Nic Kinsey, Livingston Studios
Sleeve by Janet Kerr

2017 Domino Records reissue remastered from the original tapes under the supervision of David Suff and Marry Waterson

Listen to “Lost Albums: Bright Phoebus”


2 Responses to 1972 : Bright Phoebus

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  2. […] the album “Bright Phoebus” Released in the UK 1972 by Trailer Records LES […]

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