1971 : This Is… Martin Carthy

Martin Carthy (with Dave Swarbrick)
aka. “The Bonny Black Hare and other songs”

Side One:

01 : The Fowler
02 : Brigg Fair
03 : The Barley Straw
04 : Byker Hill
05 : John Barleycorn
06 : The Bonny Black Hare

Side One:

01 : Ship in Distress
02 : Jack Orion
03 : White Hare
04 : Lord of the Dance
05 : Poor Murdered Woman
06 : Streets of Forbes


First released in the UK 1971 by Philips Records 6382 022 (vinyl) and 7176 121 (cassette).

The first of many Carthy compilations was one of an eclectic assortment of “This is…” collections issued by Phillips in the early 1970s.

This collects six tracks each from ‘Byker Hill’ (1967) and ‘But Two Came By’ (1968) and although never re-issued, original vinyl copies (and the occasional cassette) are widely available on eBay.

Note: the last tracks on each side are transposed on the original cassette release.


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