1971 : Ten Man Mop, or Mr Reservoir Butler Rides Again

Steeleye Span

01 : Gower Wassail
02 : Jigs: Paddy Clancy’s Jig/Willie Clancy’s Fancy
03 : Four Nights Drunk
04 : When I Was On Horseback
05 : Marrowbones
06 : Captain Coulston
07 : Reels: Dowd’s Favorite / £10 Float / The Morning Dew
08 : Wee Weaver
09 : Skewball

Additional tracks on the 2006 Castle release:

10 : General Taylor (studio outtake)
11 : Rave On (‘scratched’ effect single version)
12 : Rave On (‘cleaned up’ two verse version)
13 : Rave On (‘cleaned up’ three verse version)

Additional tracks on 2006 Castle release bonus CD:
BBC “Peel’s Sunday Concert” 15 September 1971

01 : False Knight on the Road
02 : The Lark in the Morning
03 : Rave On
04 : Reels: £10 Float / The Musical Priest
05 : Captain Coulston
06 : Martin Carthy: Handsome Polly-O
07 : Martin Carthy: Bring ‘Em Down / Tim Hart: Haul on the Bowline
08 : Four Nights Drunk
09 : When I Was on Horseback
10 : Tim Hart & Maddy Prior: I Live Not Where I Love
11 : Peter Knight: The Wind That Shakes the Barley / Pigeon on the Gate / Jenny’s Chickens
12 : Female Drummer
13 : General Taylor
14 : College Grove / Silver Spear / Ballymurphy Rake / Maid Behind the Bar

First released in the UK 1971 by Pegasus PEG 9

Also released in 1971 by PEG Records on 8 Track cartridge Y8PEG 9 with the same tracks but in the following order:

Gower Wassail
Captain Coulston
Reels: Dowd’s Favorite / £10 Float / The Morning Dew
Jigs: Paddy Clancy’s Jig/Willie Clancy’s Fancy
When I Was On Horseback
Four Nights Drunk
Wee Weaver

Re-issued 1974 and 1976 by Mooncrest records CREST 9

Tem Man Mop CHR 1121

Also issued in the USA by Chrysalis Records 1976 CHR 1121 (vinyl) and probably 8CH 1119 (8-track cartridge). 

Re-issued 1991 by Mooncrest Records CREST 009 (vinyl), CRESTCD 009 (CD) and cassette (Cat. No. unknown but probably CRESTMC 009)

Re-issued with remastered audio and additional tracks 2006 by Castle Music CMQDD 1252

Maddy Prior: vocals, spoons tabor
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar, organ
Tim Hart: vocals, dulcimer, guitars, organ, five string banjo, mandolin
Peter Knight: vocals, fiddle, tenor banjo, mandolin, timpani
Ashley Hutchings: bass

Original album produced by Sandy Roberton for September Productions Ltd.
Engineer: Jerry Boys

Photography – Keith Morris , Sir Benjamin Stone
Art Direction: Davis/Berney/Wade

All tracks: Traditional, Arr. Steeleye Span

Sleeve notes:

Gower Wassail
Head up for power … a viol, a serpent and a big brass drum … a bowl, a bough and a puff of frozen breath … Phil Tanner, a stick and a pooch … a Telecaster, a Mustang and a Boosey & Hawkes tabor.

Jigs: Paddy Clancy’s Jig / Willie Clancy’s Fancy
Mix well and do it fast … Hastings, September 14th, 1971, Bill Hart’s jig R.I.P. … let’s walk to Manchester, 1-2-3-4 … sure Michael Coleman’s fast but he double tracks – puts the fingerring on first and the bowing on afterwards … Sean mor chief fidil.

Four Nights Drunk
Another side of the coin … a lightbulb in a chamber pot I’ve never seen before … anyone who doesn’t want to know the tune title don’t ask Mick Moloney … the recording debut of Marcus Robertson … there’s no horns on the Dubliners.

When I Was on Horseback
Another young man cut down in his prime … tasted and wasted … sickness and diseases pull you down … Oh and it’s Mary Doran crooning her way into our hearts … O’Riordan’s song in the snow flurries … the First tentative step – in which Peter is given his head.

Or “Gullibility rewarded by a ducking” … or “The pact between the doctor and the butcher” … or even “The saga of who plays the mandolin” … blindman awarded both ears and the tail … ¡ole!

Captain Coulston
Pirates nonplussed, Brigid Tunney declared Queen of Hearts … celebrating again, this time with a slip jig … next year we’re going to Blackpool … memo to Martin – next time use the Strat.

Reels: Dowd’s Favourite / £10 Float / The Morning Dew
Play an Air! … Co. Sligo, Fulham Broadway. Play an Air! … The player does not call the tune. Play an Air! … “Duffy the dancer”, “The Boys of Forest Hill”. Play an Air! … Give us your favourite tune next, Now! … Play a bloody Air.

Wee Weaver
A Patchwork fragment … Paddy be easy, Brigid be calm … a roll-up, a drink and a conference … Maddy and a shawl – Silas Marner crouched at work.

2/1 Creeping Jane, 9/4 Skewball, 8/1 Miss Portly, 10/1 Bar … Arthur Marvel up 1,210 guineas, Sir Ralph Gore down 750 guineas … Kildare 4 votes, Kielder 1 vote … Bert Lloyd 7 points, Peter, Paul & Mary and John Herald 1 1/2.

Additional information:

Reinhard Zierke’s site also lists the following versions:

Chrysalis / Festival 36143 (LP, Australia)
Chrysalis 6307 603 (LP, Portugal 1977)
Shanachie 79049 (LP, USA 1988; CD, USA 1989

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