1971 : Selections

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick

01 : The Man of Burnham Town
02 : Creeping Jane
03 : The Irish Washerwoman / The Ash Plant
04 : Lucy Wan
05 : Matt Hyland
06 : The Wife of the Soldier
07 : The Bank
08 : The Bloody Gardener
09 : Grey Daylight / Jenny’s Chickens
10 : Gentleman Soldier
11 : Long Lankin
12 : Davy Lowston


First released in the UK 1971 by Pegasus Records PEG6 (vinyl) and ZCPEG6 (cassette).  Also issued 1976 in USA by Antilles Records AN 7041

Also issued by Pegasus Records on 8-track cartridge (Y8PEG 6) with the same tracks but in the following order:

The Man of Burnham Town
Creeping Jane
The Irish Washerwoman / The Ash Plant
Lucy Wan
Matt Hyland
The Wife of the Soldier
The Bloody Gardener
Long Lankin
The Bank
Grey Daylight / Jenny’s Chickens
Gentleman Soldier
Davy Lowston

CD issued 2001 by Edsel Records EDCD68

Different to the New Zealand Transatlantic album of the same name, this compiles six further tracks from ‘Byker Hill’ (1967), three more from ‘But Two Came By’ (1968) and three from the instrumental EP ‘No Songs’ (1967) which has yet to receive a CD release in its entirity.

2 Responses to 1971 : Selections

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