1970 (c.) : Round Up

Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick

Side One:

01 : Scarborough Fair
02 : Lovely Joan
03 : The Barley and the Rye
04 : The Wind That Shakes the Barley
05 : The Two Magicians
06 : The Handsome Cabin Boy
07 : And A-Begging I Will Go

Side Two:

01 : Two Butchers
02 : Ball o’ Yarn
03 : Farewell Nancy
04 : Lord Franklin
05 : Ramblin’ Sailor
06 : Lowlands of Holland
07 : Fair Maid on the Shore

First released in the UK by Fontana Records (probably early 1970s) Cat. No.

One of three Fontana issues which probably date from the early 1970s but which don’t appear on any of the standard discographies. These may have been prepared for release then withdrawn when Carthy signed for Philips in 1971 but seem more likely to have been intended for export as they do not bear the standard ‘STL’ prefix catalogue numbers common on UK Fontana releases. This particular album consists of side two of ‘Martin Carthy’ (1965) and side one of ‘Second Album’ (1966).


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