1972 (c.) : Selections

Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick

Side One:

01 : John Barleycorn
02 : Lord Franklin
03 : The Bonny Black Hare
04 : Scarborough Fair
05 : Jack Orion
06 : Byker Hill

Side Two:

01 : Seven Yellow Gypsies
02 : Bruton Town
03 : Arthur McBride and the Sergeant
04 : Prince Heathen
05 : The Wren

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Probably released in New Zealand 1972 by Transatlantic Records TRA 206 and in Australia 1972 by Transatlantic Records/Festival Records TRA 206/STAL 934485

Ultra-rare compilation of tracks from all five 60s Carthy & Swarbrick LPs but credited to Carthy alone. No date appears on the sleeve or the labels and I originally listed this as having been released in 1969 but I’ve since come to agree with Reinhard Zierke who lists it as 1972. It’s unlikely to be earlier than 1971 as this is almost certainly the year the cover photograph was taken (fRoots magazine editor Ian Anderson tells me that the precise dates in photographer Keith Morris’ database are “a bit haphazard” but he’s certain of the year).

The label indicates that this was made in New Zealand and Reinhard also lists it as having been released in Australia but I’ve found no firm evidence that it was ever issued elsewhere.

This copy is from Dave Swarbrick’s personal collection which was sold on eBay in 2007 and is the only one I’ve ever seen.

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