1967 : No Songs

Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick

Side One:

01 : Gillen’s Apples / Snug in the Blanket
02 : Grey Daylight / Jenny’s Chickens
03 : The Banks

Side Two:

01 : The Bee’s Wing
02 : The Irish Washerwoman / The Ash Plant
03 : Bonny Kate / Reconciliation

7″ vinyl EP released in the UK 1967 by Fontana Records TE17490 (mono only)

Issued the same year as Swarbrick’s “Rags, Reels & Airs” album, this also showcases the duo’s instrumental repertoire, which formed a significant part of their live set but was never favourably represented on their albums.

No full CD release to date but “The Irish Washerwoman / The Ash Plant” and “The Banks” appear on various early 70s compilations and on the “Carthy Chronicles” box set. They also appear on the “Selections” CD alongside “Grey Daylight / Jenny’s Chickens”. “The Bee’s Wing” is on the 2011 “Essential” 2-CD compilation.

One Response to 1967 : No Songs

  1. […] appearance for “The Bee’s Wing” from Carthy & Swarbrick’s 1967 “No Songs” EP. What we largely miss out on however is that period during the early- to mid-70s where […]

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