1965 : New Voices

Harry Boardman, Maureen Craik & The Waterson Family

Side One:

01 : The Watersons:  Boston Harbour
02 : Harry Boardman:  To the Begging
03 : Maureen Craik:  The White Cockade
04 : Harry Boardman:  Owdham
05 : The Watersons:  The Greenland Whale Fishery
06 : Harry Boardman:  Hard Times
07 : Maureen Craik:  The Sandgate Girl’s Lament
08 : The Watersons:  Three Score and Ten

Side Two:

01 : The Watersons:  The Broom of Cowdenknowes
02 : Maureen Craik:  Bonny at Morn
03 : Harry Boardman:  The Hand-Loom Versus the Power-Loom
04 : Maureen Craik:  A U Hinny Burd
05 : Harry Boardman:  The Shurat Weaver
06 : The Watersons:  King Arthur’s Servants
07 : Harry Boardman:  The Weaver of Wellbrook

First released in the UK 1965 by Topic Records 12T125

Re-issued 2009 as a digital download by Topic Records TSDL125 (via iTunes)

Topic Records website blurb:
‘New Voices’ was a ground-breaking collection, one of the first albums to feature the younger generation singers of the mid 20th century British folk revival. The record featured the recording debuts of Maureen Craik and Harry Boardman alongside the Watersons’ first recordings for Topic records. Boardman was an important agent in the later ‘Deep Lancashire’ and ‘The Wide Midlands’ projects and made several solo albums for the label. The Watersons career has gone from strength to strength, at the time of writing the various members of the family have continued their recording relationship with Topic for over forty years.

This was the debut release for the pre-Carthy era Watersons.


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