1963 : Hootenanny in London

Various Artists

Side One:

01 : Alex Campbell : Barnyards of Delgartey
02 : Martin Carthy & Redd Sullivan : End of Me Old Cigar
03 : Louis Killen : Cruising Round Yarmouth
04 : Martin Carthy : Girls
05 : Bob Davenport : Little Chance
06 : Redd Sullivan : Not Today
07 : Martin Carthy : Your Baby ‘as Gorn Dahn the Plug ‘Ole

Side Two:

01 : Louis Killen : Pleasant and Delightful
02 : Nigel Denver : Baron o’ Blackley
03 : Louis Killen : The Leaving of Liverpool
04 : Nigel Denver : Friendless Mary
05 : Louis Killen : Wild Rover

First released in the UK 1963 by Decca LK4545

Alex Campbell: vocals, guitar
Martin Carthy: vocals, guitar
Louis Killen: vocals, guitar, melodeon
Bob Davenport: vocals
Redd Sullivan: vocals, guitar
Nigel Denver: vocals, guitar

Midnight folk concert recorded in London in May 1963

Supervised by Wally Whyton
Produced by Hugh Mendl
Recording engineers: Mike Savage & Gus Dudgeon

Decca recorded a “midnight folk concert” in May 1963, from which they eventually extracted the recordings for this LP – Carthy’s earliest release – and those for the later EPs Thamesiders and Davy Graham and Sea Shanties (Louis Killen, Bob Davenport and Red Sullivan).


5 Responses to 1963 : Hootenanny in London

  1. Graham Smith says:

    Is this (possibly Now) available on cd? Guess I wore this album out decades ago!

    • Douglas Heydon says:

      Like an idiot I sold my vinyl recording to an English guy in Tehran,where I was living and working in mid seventies, have not seen copy of it since

  2. Kevin Boyd says:

    No sign of a CD release for this Graham.

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