The Martin Carthy Broadcast Archive (#CarthyArchive) is an ongoing project to catalogue as many known radio and TV appearances by Martin Carthy as possible and to preserve the available recordings. Where possible the aim is to make these recordings available to download or stream if they are not available commercially or not currently in the public domain.


#MC50 was a collection of YouTube videos featuring rare live and studio tracks sourced from the #CarthyArchive, mostly from the late-80s onwards. I published a different recording each month during 2015 to celebrate 50 years since the release of Martin’s first solo album. I tried to include a representative cross-section of solo, duo, group and family recordings. Some of the audio is in less-than-pristine condition but everything has its merits to some extent and I think it’s been worth including all of them for one reason or another. Here’s the complete collection:

January – Scarborough Fair by Martin Carthy 

February – Martin Carthy: 1983 Peel Session

March – Martin Carthy: “Nothing Rhymed” live at the BBC with Jools Holland 

April – Martin Carthy: 2004 BBC Kershaw Session 

May – Martin Carthy: 1976 Peel Session 

June – Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick – 1988 Folk On Two Session 

July – Blue Murder live in 1987 

August – Martin Carthy, live on WNYC, 2005 “Limbo” 

September – Martin Carthy & Chris Wood in session 1987 

October – The Watersons – In Session 1986 & Live 1988 

November – Martin Carthy & Norma Waterson – Live 2001 

December – Waterson:Carthy “Frost & Fire Live” 2006 

Christmas Bonus – Martin Carthy: Live in Yorkshire, 2012


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