If it ever finds a publisher, Ken Hunt’s proposed two-part Martin Carthy biography will doubtless become the definitive work on the subject, but until that happens we have to content ourselves with a number of shorter online versions.

“A (very) brief biography” by Kevin Boyd
Martin Carthy “In His Own Words”
“Rigs of the Time” sleeve notes by John Crosby (1993)
Alan Bearman Music artist biography (2009/10)
Acorn Entertainments press release (late 1980s)

Listen to Martin talk extensively about his early musical influences in this interview with Jim Lloyd from BBC Radio 2’s “Folk On Two” programme broadcast in October 1989.

Elsewhere online you’ll find the following short biographies:

Reinhard Zierke’s Martin Carthy biography
Wikipedia’s Martin Carthy entry
Yahoo Music
Stephen Yarwood’s fan page
Artist Direct

One Response to Biography

  1. Julian Rutter says:

    I don’t know if it recorded elsewhere but I would contribute this – a meeting in England between MC and Bob Dylan in 1978, maybe the first time they’d met since 1963(?). I was ‘working’ in the back stage area at the concert at Blackbushe aerodrome, a friend was doing the electrics, and recruited members of his band (Arran Pilot) as helpers though in reality we did nothing but enjoy flashing our ‘access all areas’ pass. Leaving the back stage security gate I chanced upon two old friends lurking -it was MC and John Kirkpatrick, who had driven over from an event they were playing at, in Oxford, I think. Bob Dylan was in a secure caravan inside the secure back stage area and I asked his security to ask him if he would like to meet Martin, and of course he did. As Martin was admitted to the inner sanctum I knew that I had to be present at the historic meeting but sadly this was refused. Regretfully I did not send my programme in to be signed. The programme, which I still have, features the autograohs of MC, JK, Eric Clapton, Billy Connelly, Chris Barber but not the one signature that would have made it even more valuable than it already is. Only Martin could tell us about the meeting.

    Julian Rutter

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