2010 : FATEA Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2010 Martin Carthy was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement award from the online music magazine FATEA. Here is the citation in full:

This year sees us returning to our preference of awarding our Lifetime Achievement Award to someone that is alive. By any standards fifty years in a career is an achievement, to have done so pretty much at the top of the game during that time, nothing short of extraordinary.

During what is now six decades in music, he has acquired numerous folk awards as a solo artist, half of a duo as well as as a member of a number of bands/projects. Awarded an MBE in 1998, he has been described as ‘godfather of English folk’, married another folk legend, Norma Waterson and literally is the father of one of the stars of the next generation Eliza, performing with both wife and daughter on stage many times. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Martin Carthy.

Born in May 41 and up and running as a musician by 1960, Martin Carthy has proved to be an inspiration to artists on both sides of the Atlantic, before and since recording his own debut album in 1965.

One of the reasons that Martin has survived so long is because he never stands still long enough to become stale. Over the years he has performed as part of many groups, most famously with longtime collaborator Dave Swarbrick, but also in the various Watersons acts, Steeleye Span, The Albion Country Band, Brass Monkey and Imagined Village.

His knowledge of the English folk genre is extensive and he has maintained the ‘tradition’ by making sure it remains fresh by arranging the songs the way he wants to hear them and give others a different perspective on the familiar.

Martin Carthy MBE continues to provide inspiration to a multitude of artists and has performed on too many records to even consider listening to here. We at Fatea salute you.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner: Martin Carthy MBE

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