2008 : Honorary Fellowship

In 2008 Martin Carthy was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the University of Central Lancaster for “achievements to the world of music.”

Much of the citation text is taken from Carthy’s Wikipedia entry:

Martin Carthy MBE, Hon. Doc. of Music

The University of Central Lancashire has awarded an Honorary Fellowship to renowned musician Martin Carthy for his achievements to the world of music.

Born in London, Martin dropped out of school early. He attempted a career in the theatre but after 18 months of working in open air theatre he gave it up for his great passion in life – music, and in particular his interest in the guitar. Martin has worked almost exclusively in folk clubs and at folk festivals across the world where he still finds audiences who are patient, inquisitive and willing to explore this frequently sidelined music. He became a resident at The Troubadour Folk Club in the early 1960s and he joined Redd Sullivan’s Thameside Four in 1961. He is a renowned solo performer of traditional songs in a very distinctive style, accompanying himself on his trusty old Martin Guitar, his style is marked by the use of alternative tunings, and a strongly percussive picking style that emphasises the melody. His debut album, Martin Carthy, was released in 1965.

He has also been involved with many musical collaborations. He has sung with The Watersons since 1972, was twice a member of the UK electric folk group Steeleye Span and was a member of the legendary Albion Country Band 1973 line-up. His work has also influenced a generation of artists including Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. Martin says music is his hobby and he has been extremely fortunate to have pursued this as a livelihood with great success for 47 years. In a distinguished list of proudest moments Martin lists the award of an MBE for services to English Folk Music in 1998 as one of them.

18 July 2008



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