Martin Carthy and Eliza Carthy, 18 March 2018

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 18 March 2018

This was the last date of a short series of gigs (slightly curtailed part way through by bad weather) and took place at the recently-opened Stoller Hall in Manchester.

The set was similar to last year’s but with a couple of things swapped around and the addition of a new (to me at least) version of Ship In Distress, from the Copper Family version, as Eliza’s solo spot.

First set:
Her Servant Man
Blackwell Merry Night
Nancy Of London (Martin solo)
Queen Caraboo
Waking Dreams (Awake, Awake)

Second set:
Grand Conversation On Napoleon
The Elephant
Ship In Distress (Eliza solo)
Bonny Moorhen
Monkey Hair
Died For Love
John Barleycorn (encore)

I left my camera at home but couldn’t resist taking a few iPhone snaps during their encore.

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