Martin and Eliza tour update

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 17 September 2017

This is just a quick update on tonight’s Martin and Eliza gig at the Memorial Hall at Sheffield City Hall. No photos I’m afraid, as I didn’t have my camera (and photography was severely restricted anyway so even a quick iPhone snap was impossible). It was a last minute decision to attend as I’m staying with my parents in Doncaster and I found I was able to catch a late train back – useful as I don’t drive (I realise this is taking the Carthy obsession a bit far!)

The set list was very similar to last week’s gig with the order of a few songs swapped around and with Monkey Hair missing completely (I think Martin wanted to play this but it didn’t happen). The four ‘non-Elephant’ songs were the same as last week and videos of two of these from a different recent gig are attached below.

I should add that it was a fantastic gig with Martin and Eliza both on great form. It’s always interesting to see more than one gig from the same tour to hear how individual songs and arrangements develop. In this instance, the set list was virtually identical to last week’s gig but several songs differed in feel, specifically in the instrumental sections where Eliza in particular included some different and exciting improvisations.

First set
His Servant Man
Blackwell Merry Night
Nancy Of London (Martin solo)
Waking Dreams (Awake, Awake)
Grand Conversation On Napoleon
The Elephant

Second set
Queen Caraboo
Nelly Was A Lady (Eliza solo)
Bendigo, Champion Of England
Bonny Moorhen
Died For Love
John Barleycorn (encore)

The following clips (not by me) are of Martin singing Nancy Of London and Martin and Eliza singing Bendigo, Champion Of England at their gig at the Arlington Arts Centre in Newbury on 2 September 2017.

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