Martin Carthy and Eliza Carthy, 8 September 2017

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 9 September 2017

Here are a few shots from Martin and Eliza’s current tour where they played at the newly-refurbished Met in Bury, Greater Manchester. As with their previous tours, the set followed the track list of their Moral Of The Elephant album fairly closely – all but one song from the album (Queen Of Hearts) was played and only one (Queen Caraboo) was played out of sequence with how it appears on the album. Scattered amongst these songs were a few new (to me) songs of interest: Martin’s solo spot in the first half featured Nancy Of London and Eliza’s in the second half was a version of Stephen Foster’s Nelly Was A Lady. They both played on Bendigo, Champion Of England, learned from the late Mike Waterson. The only other non-‘Elephant’ song was the encore of John Barleycorn.

A couple of interesting points were raised during the course of the show. Firstly, Eliza confirmed that Normafest will go ahead once more in January 2018 in both Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby. This had already been confirmed on social media in the week leading up to the show but Eliza also confirmed that The Gift Band would play and that they are currently recording a new album. Secondly, Eliza revealed that as a result of a couple of recent duo gigs, Martin and Sam Sweeney were tentatively planning to record an album together. Sam’s commitments with the National Youth Folk Ensemble preclude them from touring at present but he is keen for them to record and Martin seemed equally enthusiastic at the prospect. Watch this space!

First set:
His Servant Man
Blackwell Merry Night
Nancy Of London (Martin solo)
Grand Conversation On Napoleon
The Elephant

Second set:
Queen Caraboo
Waking Dreams (Awake, Awake)
Bendigo, Champion Of England
Nelly Was A Lady (Eliza solo)
Bonny Moorhen
Monkey Hair
Died For Love
John Barleycorn (encore)


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  1. […] set list was very similar to last week’s gig with the order of a few songs swapped around and with Monkey Hair missing completely (I think Martin […]

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